7 Online Quizzes That'll Determine What You're Looking for in a Man ...


Having trouble finding the right man for you? There are plenty of ways to figure out what you need in a partner, but the most entertaining method is to take some online personality quizzes. It'll help get rid of your boredom while giving you some valuable information about your life. Here are some of the best online quizzes that'll determine what you're looking for in a man:

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Dream Guy Quiz

If you've never read Seventeen Magazine before, it's time to start. No matter how old or young you are, it's the perfect read for a lazy afternoon. Until you can subscribe, head to seventeen.com to find out who your dream guy is. Seventeen never disappoints, so you should be happy with your results.


What Kind of Man Turns You on?

You probably already know how silly Buzzfeed quizzes can be. However, this one is about as serious as the website gets. Buzzfeed.com will ask you a series of questions about your dream man, then will tell you exactly what turns you on about him. You never know, you could learn something substantial about yourself.


What's Your Type?

My.gurl.com will let you know what your type is by asking you questions about what celebrities you like and how you'd describe yourself. It's pretty accurate, so make sure you think of your answers carefully. If you're ever in the mood for more quizzes, the site has plenty more to choose from.


What Guy is Right for You?

Head to allthetests.com to find out what type of guy is right for you. Do you belong with a funny man, a sweet man, or are you doing all right single? This quiz will tell you all you need to know about what kind of guy you should be looking for. When it gives you your results, it will even tell you what percentage of people received the same ones as you did.


Your Dating Personality Quiz

This quiz really only has four questions, but they're detailed enough to really get to know you. They don't ask you about the little things. They ask you about what you'd do in certain dating situations that you've probably been stuck in before. Head to quibblo.com to check it out, because you never know how scarily accurate it'll be.


Who is Your Dream Guy?

The questions on quizbox.com are pretty unique. It won't just ask you about your favorite color or celebrity. It'll ask you about your opinion on housework, your ideal Saturday, and your study habits. There are only ten questions, so it shouldn't take you too long to complete. Seeing your results will be well worth it, so what are you waiting for?


Can We Tell What Your Ideal Man Looks like?

This one is bunches of fun! After a series of questions, playbuzz.com will try to tell you exactly what your dream man looks like. Maybe they'll hit the nail right on the head, or maybe they'll point out something that you never realized you actually love. Either way, it's about as entertaining as any quiz can get.

The results you receive won't always be accurate, but at least you'll have fun answering the questions. What websites do you usually visit when you're in the mood to take some personality quizzes?

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