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7 Sporty Traits Men Love when Women Have ...

By Holly

Men love sports, so it's no surprise that they love sporty traits in women. The right type of personality will show them that you're someone worth spending time with, so make sure that they see how amazing you are. Even if you don't have a sporty bone in your body, you can still possess the traits of an athlete. Here are a few sporty traits men love when women have:

1 Determination

Athletes need to be determined in order to succeed. Maybe you're determined about winning a soccer game. Maybe you're determined about getting a promotion. Either way, men love to see you set a goal, then do whatever it takes to reach it. It shows them that you're determined to have it your way, no matter what.

2 Competitiveness

You can't give up easily. If you want to land a job, you have to be willing to compete against tons of other qualified candidates. If you go bowling with your friends, you need to have the desire to win, even if it's just a friendly game. Men love to compete, so challenging him to a game of pool will get his heart racing.

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3 Discipline

Athletes have to stick to a strict diet and exercise often. The obvious reason why men love this is because it results in a toned, healthy body. However, it also shows them that you have control over your life. You may have urges to be lazy and to overeat, but you're able to fight past them.

4 Focus

Athletes need to remain focused in order to win a game. Their minds can't be wandering, because all of their energy needs to be on the task at hand. Men love when women are focused, because it usually ends in success. Plus, it'll reassure him that when you're with him, you're completely focused on him and nothing else.

5 Commitment

If a man is ready to settle down, he'll love seeing a woman who commits herself to the things she loves. It shows that you're not going to mess with his heart. If you want him, you'll fully commit. Otherwise, you aren't going to waste your time.

6 Talent

It's always impressive to see someone do what they're talented at. Don't worry if you can't kick a ball, because he'll be just as impressed by your ability to sing, dance, or write. As long as you have some sort of talent that you're willing to display, he'll be putty in your hands. So don't waste your time being modest when you could be strutting your stuff whenever you get the chance.

7 Self-Confidence

Men love women who realize their self-worth. They don't want to be the ones to convince her that she's a beautiful human being. He wants her to already know it. That's why confidence is so important. You need to realize how special you are before you let a new guy into your life. So stop tearing yourself down and start building up your confidence.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that men only like girly girls who are afraid to break a nail. There are plenty of sporty traits that men are impressed by, so if you're an athlete, be proud of yourself! Do you play any sports or is it rare for you to get off of the couch?

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