Here's How to Make Your Man Feel More Confident and Attractive ...

By Holly

Here's How to Make Your Man Feel More Confident and Attractive ...

In a healthy relationship, your mission is to make your partner as happy as possible. When they cry, you should console them. When they have a fight with their friend, you should calm them down. Of course, you should also build up their confidence when you notice them saying negative things about themselves. Here are a few different ways to make your man feel more confident and attractive when he's down in the dumps:

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1 Compliment Him Whenever You Can

The simplest way to raise your man's confidence is by complimenting him. Tell him how great he looks in his new bathing suit, how sexy his muscles look while he works out, or how cute he sounds when he laughs. As long as it's clear that you're being honest and aren't just telling him what he needs to hear, it should make him feel amazing about himself.

2 Don't Comment on Other Men's Looks

As much as you love Chris Hemsworth's muscles, don't comment on them if your man is scrawny. You don't want to point out the qualities you love in other men, especially when your partner doesn't have those qualities. It'll only make him wonder if you'd rather be dating someone else, which will never end well.

3 Give Him Physical Affection Often

Don't forget the importance of hugging and kissing your partner. When you sit on the couch together, hold his hand. When you go to bed at night, snuggle up to him. When you're in the mood to make love, be the one to initiate it. All of those things will remind him of how attractive you find him without actually saying it aloud.

4 Show Him off in Public

You don't want your partner to assume that you're embarrassed of him. That's why you shouldn't stick to holding hands in private. Make sure you hold him close in public, so that the world can see you're together. It also helps to brag about him to your friends when you're on the phone and he can hear you. He'll be overjoyed that you're so proud of being his girlfriend.

5 Keep the Lights on While Kissing

A lot of couples turn the lights off when they kiss or make love. However, you should keep them on so your partner doesn't assume that you don't want to see them. Besides, it's far more romantic to be able to look into each other's eyes in between kisses.

6 Take Tons of Pictures Together

Encourage your man to send you selfies, and then take as many pictures together as you can when you go out on dates. You should even take some pictures of just him, without your face in the frame. When he sees that your phone is filled with snapshots of him that you love to look at when he's not around, he'll feel as attractive as ever.

7 Show Him You Love Him with Your Eyes

Your eyes can say things that your lips never could. All you have to do is look at your partner in a certain way, the way that shows him how much you love him, and his confidence will skyrocket.

You love your partner, which is why you should help them see how valuable they are. How often does your partner remind you that you're beautiful?

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I do the eye thing a lot that's how I can tell if he's being real vs bullshit

This is a really sweet article. Love it!!

Exactly what I do with my man, love this article!

This is very sweet....

This is sweet!

Absolutely!! 💖


Looking into his eyes a certain way does work he told me he loves it when i look at him with lovey dovey eyes 😍😍😍😍

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