9 Ways to Make Yourself More Approachable to Guys ...

By Heather

9 Ways to Make Yourself More Approachable to Guys ...

There are tons of ways on how to be more approachable to guys, you've just got to learn the ins and outs of it! Ladies, I've got the top 9 ways on how to be more approachable to guys to make sure that you land yourself a great guy and guys want to approach you! So ladies, are you ready to learn all of the ways on how to be more approachable to guys?

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You'd be surprised just how much a smile can lighten up your entire face and how you can actually draw a guy in with your smile. Just smiling is absolutely one of the ways on how to be more approachable to guys! So ladies, flash those pearly whites at the next guy that starts to eye you!


Be Nice

Being nice is something that goes a very, very long way. Most girls think that being nice is a little overrated, but ladies, one of the keys on how to be more approachable to guys is just being nice to them. Treating them exactly how you want to be treated!


Be Confident

I know that building confidence is really, really difficult, but if you could just push the envelope a little bit, if you could draw up all of your confidence every time you go out, you'll see just how much of a difference it makes! Being confident is one of the keys to learning how to be more approachable to guys, after all, they love confidence!


Show Your Personality

It's difficult right up front to show your personality, but it's also one of the ways on how to be more approachable to guys. Just show that you're a little crazy, that you're a little nutty, that you are sweet and kind and your crush will surely go for you – or at least that guy eyeing you at the bar will!


This is an important step in making yourself more approachable to guys. It's important to show your personality and be confident in who you are. Showing your sense of humour, being kind and friendly, and being a bit spontaneous can help you stand out and make a good impression. Additionally, good body language and eye contact can go a long way in showing your personality. Finally, smiling and having a positive attitude can make you even more attractive and approachable to guys.


Dress Sexy, Not Slutty

The key to confidence is all tied up in how you dress. If you don't feel pretty, you aren't going to be completely confident in how you act. So ladies, find something that is sexy but not slutty, something that will make you feel completely confident and beautiful at the same time! This will absolutely make you more approachable to guys!

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Did the guy finally approach you that you've been eyeing? Flirt it up ladies! Flirting will not only make you feel more confident, but it can also ensure that the guy that approached you knows that you like him.


Good Body Language

One of the easy ways on how to be more approachable to guys is by having really good body language! This means that you have good posture, keep up the flirty little gazes and even give some coy little smiles. It'll make the guy you've been trying to catch the eye of all night really want to approach you!


Shoulders Back

Remember what I said about the body language? The same goes for how you stand. Ladies, keep your shoulders back, stand up straight – it's all about how you carry yourself that'll make those guys notice you and approach you!


Accept Compliments

Finally, even if you aren't exactly the type of girl that has confidence in herself, you need to learn how to accept compliments. Guys hate when they tell a girl that they are pretty and then the girl is disagreeing with them.

There you go ladies, all of the ways on how to be more approachable to guys! So the next time you're at a bar, why not utilize some of these tips on how to be more approachable to guys and see how well they work! What other tips and tricks do you have on how to be more approachable to guys?

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Nothing is sexier then confidence,confidence and a cute smile 😊

hey everyone says that no one likes me because i am wierd and i should try to be myself and i am what do i do

Well, Maya. Since you said it was all over Facebook, how's it turning out? Sometimes a simple twist of fate can be what was needed to get things going, or stop it in its tracks. Welcome to the dating world. Either way, I hope it turned out well for you, but if it didn't, than don't give up. It's a long process to weed out all those fish in this sea and it helps you fine tune your flirting and dating skills. It also helps you figure out what kind of person you are and the kind of person you want to be with.

Great! Plus, Be confident, but not cocky! (:

Oh my goodness this is like all over Facebook. Pleaseeee help me delete this...