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Here's How to Tell if He is Worth Your Time - Video ...

By Olga

Ladies, this video on how to know if he is worth your time is a must-see for every woman!

This relationship coach is sharing such a great insight on what makes him a worthy guy - you can instantly tell whether your current relationship is going somewhere and whether you are dating a worthy man right now.

To sum it up in one sentence, a man’s job is to make the woman feel secure in a relationship and then work on things that need to be fixed.

And if you can tick off all these things about your man, it means you are dating a worthy guy!

• He is a Learner - when You Tell Smth, He Listens and Tries to Improve

• He Makes It Clear in Front of Others That You Are His Woman

• The Guy is Not Afraid of Confrontation

• When He Gives You a Gift, It's Reflective of You, Not Him

• He Invests in a Relationship in a Healthy Way without Losing Himself

• He Does Not Threaten the Relationship if Something Goes Wrong (I do Not Think I Can Be in a Relationship if …)
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So, how many points from the 6 above did your man score?
Isn't it amazing to look back at our relationships and see that those guys with whom things did not work out were definitely so lacking a few traits from the list above?

Please, do share this video with your girlfriends - this can be a life-saver for so many in a questionable relationship right now!

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