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Questions to Ask on a First Date to Really Get to Know Each Other ...

By Leiann

Looking for some questions to ask on a first date?

C'mon girls, don't be sleazy. You act sleazy, you get treated sleazy. You act sincere, you get respect. Having some of these questions in mind for your new next date should get you started off on the right foot. Here are some great questions to ask on a first date. Good luck!

1 What do You Feel Passionate about?

2 If You Could Only Eat One Thing for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?


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3 What Are Your Hobbies?

4 What Made You Want This Date?

5 What Person or Persons do You Admire?

6 What Happened to You and Your Ex?

7 What's Your Favorite: a Newspaper, Magazine or Book?

8 How Was Your Day? Week? Month? Year?

9 What is Your Favorite Drink (alcoholic or Non-alcoholic)?

10 Are You on Social Media?

11 What Was Your Favorite Concert?

Now was that so hard? Whether you are going to a restaurant, movie or wherever, you should have no problem conversing. You may even get to hold hands or receive that first kiss! The secret is to go slow. Good luck!


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