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How to Make It Work when Your Boyfriend Works Away a Lot ...

By Suzy

When your boyfriend works away a lot it can be challenging, and it’s possible that it can put a strain on your relationship. If that's the case in your relationship, you might be wondering how to make it work when your boyfriend works away a lot.

Fortunately, you can make it work. There's no reason why a semi-long distance relationship can't be just a perfect as one when you see each other all the time. Here are some easy answers for how to make it work when your boyfriend works away a lot.

1 Keep in Regular Contact

One of the best ways for how to make it work when your boyfriend works away a lot is to talk as much as possible. If he’s working, he obviously can’t be in touch all the time, but a morning text or a call before bed is important just to check in with each other and keep in touch.

2 Get Involved

You may not completely understand his job or you may not be too interested, but show an interest and talk to him about what he’s been up to. Then it won’t feel like it’s a separate part of his life that you have zero involvement in.


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3 Do Something Special when He’s Home

If he’s only home for a few days at a time, make the most of your time and do something special. It doesn’t need to be a huge, expensive activity, but just something memorable and enjoyable.

4 Consider Work-arounds

You’ll likely have your own job and own responsibilities, but if he’s going to a different city, if you had some time you could take a few days off and go with him – that way you can enjoy a mini-break and see him as well.

5 Think about the Future

You have to think if it’s a sustainable situation. If you are in a position where you want to settle down and have children, could you carry on as you are? You may think you can make it work, but if you see future problems because of him working away, these need to be discussed.

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