5 Phenomenal Online Dating Tips for Beginners to the Game ...


5 Phenomenal Online Dating Tips for Beginners to the Game ...
5 Phenomenal Online Dating Tips for Beginners to the Game ...

With the constant use of electronic devices and Internet, online dating has become more and more acceptable, getting rid of its old stigma. That's why you need online dating tips for beginners. Perhaps one day the only way to find a partner is going to be through online dating. But just because it has become more acceptable doesn’t mean that the old problems have disappeared. For women, online dating can be risky, as there are many creeps out there browsing for a girl to bother. From an experienced online-dater, here are five simple online dating tips for beginners that should be followed.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Be Rude

For your own safety and comfort, you might need to be direct with someone or simply cut them off. Some girls will keep in contact with a guy who is annoying them because they don’t want to be mean or they slightly feel sorry for him. However, if you feel creeped out or have no interest in the guy, move on. Tell him straight up that you have no interest, so as not to lead him on and not to give yourself a headache. And if he doesn’t respect your wishes and keeps contacting you, report him to the site you’re using and block him. Sticking up for yourself is one of the top online dating tips for beginners.


Don’t Always Believe the Profile

Guys been known to exaggerate their personal details to increase their chances of being liked. Some of the lies might be harmless, like just changing their appearance, for example. But there could be one detail they altered that you based your interest in them on and it turns out to be false. Honestly, it causes a lot of heartache. Make sure everything he says is true before you become attached.


Don’t Settle

You might have gone through many creeps online and finally found a decent guy after a long search. With this scenario, the decent guy might be the one. Great! But if you don’t have any romantic interest in him, don’t settle just because he is the first normal one. There are plenty of men who respect women. Just keep searching. As to the decent guy, be friends with him. Something could develop over time.


Do a Video Call at Least Once

The best way to see if the person is telling the truth is through video call via FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, etc. It is the best way to feel chemistry between you two and to see his mannerisms, quirks, and responses. If the first call goes great, keep doing them. You’ll even have a better idea of who he is in real life. Text and messages don’t convey the whole story.


When Meeting in Person, Bring a Chaperone

A chaperone doesn’t necessarily mean a family member or someone much older than you. It could be a friend to tag along, preferably a friend who is good at reading people. To prevent any awkwardness due to the chaperone, meet somewhere like a cafe or a fast food joint where it is normal for people to hang out in groups. Make it as casual as possible. Also, it is good to get a third party perspective on how you and your date interact. In the situation where your date is living in another country, this tip might not be very convenient if you are the one traveling. If someone is willing to travel with you to meet your suitor, then you two can enjoy an unexpected vacation. If not, then plan a short visit with your date and find accommodations rather than stay at his place. You don’t want to stay together if it is going badly.

These are five, easy tips to remember as you search for love online and they will save you from a lot of trouble.

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