How to Deal with a Guy Who Can't Express His Emotions ...


How to Deal with a Guy Who Can't Express His Emotions ...
How to Deal with a Guy Who Can't Express His Emotions ...

Wondering how to deal with a guy who has trouble expressing his emotions? It's a bit of an ongoing stereotype that guys aren't great when it comes to emotions, but it's not always true. One of my ex-boyfriends was the opposite - he was way more emotional than me. However, some guys do genuinely struggle with expressing themselves emotionally and it's not a bad thing at all, you just have to handle them in a different way. Here's how to deal with a guy who has trouble expressing his emotions.

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The main thing when it comes to how to deal with a guy who has trouble expressing his emotions is being sensitive about it. If he genuinely struggles with expressing his feelings then don't mock him or try and force him into acting in a way he's uncomfortable with. Try and support him and just accept that this is who he is. If it's not something you think you can deal with, that's ok, maybe he just isn't the one for you.



It can be worrying because you may question whether he even likes you all that much because he sometimes seems a little withdrawn and maybe not very touchy-feely. The thing is, if he messages you, keeps wanting to see you and seems like he's really interested in you, he probably is - he may just not come out and say it directly.



If he struggles with expressing emotions, he may not be the guy who will come up and hug you randomly or do the whole PDA thing - in fact, he may do funny stuff like ruffle your hair or dig you in the arm. Sure, it's not traditional affection, but that'll be his way of getting close to you and showing he cares about you, which is sweet in its own way.



Something may have happened in his past - he may have lost someone close to him, or he may have had a toxic relationship...anything could explain why he's a little emotionally detached, or it could just be his personality and who he is. Let him know that you're there if he wants to talk about it without any pressure.



Sometimes people have a wall built up - it can be like a self-preservation thing, and if you haven't been together that long he may not have that level of trust needed to let you in yet. The way forward isn't too bulldoze the wall down, you need to be patient with him and as time goes on you may start to see a more emotional side to him. When he does say or do something heartfelt, it'll mean even more because you'll know he's really trying and opening up to you.

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Guys like this are a ton of work. But they’re also rewarding because they have a deeper side to offer that may surprise you in a good way

Too much work to be done here, lol

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