11 Funny Questions to Ask Your Partner for a Good Laugh ...

By Laura

11 Funny Questions to Ask Your Partner for a Good Laugh ...

Laughter is the best medicine so they say, so why not try asking some of these funny questions and get to know your partner’s deep, dark and dirty secrets. Here are 15 questions you can ask your partner if you want to have a good laugh.

1 If You Had a Pet Unicorn, What Would You Name It?

photograph, black and white, photography, snapshot, girl, We all know unicorns are real. Oh wait, I think that’s just me. I would name my pet unicorn something totally cliche like Snuffles or Prism. How funny do you think your partner's answer would be?

2 Name Three Random Things. Just do It!

girl, interaction, love, romance, smile, Three random things... And... Go! Phone, cup, spoon. I know, so random, but I literally looked at what's around me. I definitely think this would be a fun game to play if you want to give your partner a good laugh (and get one at their expense) Give it a whirl and see if yall's answers are more ridiculous than mine!

3 If You Could Get Away with a Crime, Would You? if Yes, What Would It Be?

black and white, girl, interaction, conversation, communication, Whether it’s stealing a pale of ice cream or robbing a casino, I'm sure the response to this random question will be funny.

4 What Fictional Character Would You Be?

beauty, girl, lady, darkness, photography, The answer could be Spider-Man and you can now finally try out the upside down famous kiss scene. This funny question to ask your partner or even your friends and family will surely give everyone in the room a good giggle.

Disclaimer: That upside kiss is actually REALLY uncomfortable. Just putting it out there.

At any rate, this question is just plain out ridiculous and funny! There’s really no telling what someone might come up with.

5 Would You Rather Endure Childbirth or Wear High Heels for an Entire Life?

photograph, black, person, black and white, facial expression, Childbirth. Definitely childbirth. It's temporary. I love my heels and I love dressing up, but I don't think I could endure wearing them everyday all day. My slippers are my go-to around the house. LOL! What do you think?

6 If I Let You Dress Me, What Would I Wear on Our Next Date?

face, photograph, person, black and white, man, This would definitely give you a good laugh and believe me I have heard a really ridiculous and weird answer like “I would dress you up like Pikachu”. You never know what they are thinking. Try this funny question to ask and see what kind of crazy response you'll get in return. Maybe it won't be so crazy and you'll have started a new trend.

7 What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing That’s Ever Happened to You?

girl, television program, fun, product, socialite, His most embarrassing moment is undoubtedly going to make you giggle endlessly. Even if it’s farting in an elevator full of people or some other ridiculousness. Let's just hope it's not one of those sad embarrassing moments though because then you just might regret asking what you thought was just a funny question.

8 In One Word, How Did You Feel about Me when You First Saw Me?

girl, night, event, darkness, fun, It could be a funny answer like ‘Oh, I totally hated your guts!’ in which case you’ll both giggle about how you once hated each other and look at how far you've come. On the other hand, this could end up being an incredibly romantic answer that sends the two of you closer to one another. Treed carefully with this question but also, take the answer with a grain of salt because it's meant to be a funny question.

9 Would You Ever Dance Ballet with Me?

black and white, photography, monochrome photography, girl, black hair, Just laughing out loud even thinking of the idea of my guy and I doing ballet BUT it might be something new that we could try together (Though let's get real, I highly doubt it).

10 Is There Anything Silly You’re Afraid of?

photograph, vacation, leg, sitting, sea, You might be shocked with the answer you get. Maybe your special someone has been harboring a secret fear like kittens that'll have you laughing. Whatever the outcome, make sure you don't offend or hurt his feelings with this simple funny question to ask your partner.

11 If You Could Be Invisible for a Day, Who Would You Want to Spend It with?

face, photograph, person, facial expression, black and white, You don’t wanna know ;) But seriously, my husband has a secret crush on Hillary Duff-and while don't get me wrong I think she's gorgeous! BUT his crush goes back to the Lizzie McGuire days when we were kids and it makes me giggle a bit.

If you have any more ideas on funny questions to ask your partner, feel free to comment and maybe I'll throw them in. :) And if you have any funny stories about asking your partner a funny question and getting a ridiculous answer, feel free to share that as well!

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