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How to Build a Healthy Dating Relationship ...

By Sici

It’s fair to say that in this modern age of romance, dating is more complicated than it has ever been before! With social media basically ruling the world now, we are in a peculiar situation where we know more about everyone else than ever, but in some ways are more isolated from human interaction than previous generations have been. This can all have an impact on your dating life, but there are definitely ways to bring some old style normalcy to it. Here is how to build a healthy dating relationship.

1 Desire

You need to work towards growing enough desire for someone to be willing to keep the online chats going, because these days it is online where the majority of the initial contact takes place. Get into the routine of speaking to them, to the point where you long to be talking to them when you are doing something else. This kind of desire is essential to making modern dating work.

2 Trust

Trust is essential to any healthy dating relationship. You can’t go into each date with your back up and your ears pricked with suspicion and doubt. Being open to trusting someone is vital for successful dating, because a potential partner really wants to know that they are making an impact on you and getting to explore the deeper layers of your personality.

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3 Smart Anticipation

An important part of the dating game is being able to know when you are wasting your time with someone that isn’t right for you. Think of it as having smart anticipation skills, instinctively knowing who you have chemistry with and who you don’t. You don’t want to go out on lots of dates with someone who turns out to be a waster! Healthy dating means being able to recognise who is good for you and who isn’t.

4 Emotional Stress

It is important right off the bat to discover if a potential new love interest has circumstances that are going to cause you unnecessary emotional stress. If he has baggage that he can’t seem to let go of, or a job that isn’t going to afford him as much time with you as you would like etc., then you owe it to yourself to cut things off before your feelings develop and you have to take on this emotional stress to the detriment of your own life.

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