What to do πŸ€” when Your Partner πŸ‘« is Losing Interest πŸ˜” in Your Relationship πŸ’” ...


Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation where you can physically and emotionally feel your partner pulling away from you and becoming less present in your relationship? This can be a really upsetting thing to realise, especially if your feelings are just as strong now as they were at the beginning of your partnership, but no matter what, you can’t just allow things to carry on the way that they are going. Here is what to do when your partner is losing interest in your relationship.

1. Focus on Self Worth

Don’t get obsessed with compromising yourself to do things that you think might make him happy. You can’t try to save a relationship at the expense of your own self-worth. For example, if you doubt that your partner finds you attractive anymore, don’t think about what he likes, think about what you might want to do in order to make you feel better about yourself instead.

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