9 Sex Tips to Drive Your Man Wild ...


9 Sex Tips to Drive Your Man  Wild ...
9 Sex Tips to Drive Your Man  Wild ...

Everybody knows what erogenous zones are, but do you know where they are located on a man’s body? Apparently, there are nine areas on the man’s body that will turn him on in the bedroom. There are a few that are obvious, if you aren’t already touching them, then you’re doing something wrong, but there are some that will surprise you. Here are nine places you should give plenty attention.

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The mouth is one of the most important erogenous zones. Kissing will boost the brain’s dopamine levels, which is a neurotransmitter that will increase a person’s desire and the brain’s reward system. Try softly biting his lower lip and trace your tongue around his lips slowly.



If you have ever had anybody play with your ears and you enjoy it, then it only makes sense that the same would go for your man as well. In fact, one survey found that ears came second only to the area behind the scrotum for the places that help a man climax. Next time, try licking or nibbling his ear. You can also try whispering something sexy.


The sensitivity of the ears is due to the numerous nerve endings they contain, making them a prime zone for gentle touches and warm breaths. Whispering seductive words not only tickles his auditory senses but also sends shivers down his spine. Combine the auditory stimulation with a delicate tongue flick across his earlobe or a soft bite, and you might just send him over the edge. Remember to gauge his reactions and proceed with what he seems to enjoy the most, turning the heat up gradually.



The scrotum’s skin is very sensitive and turns a man on when it’s touched. You should try to keep nibbling and biting at bay in this area, though. Try to stick with squeezing gently, cupping, licking, or sucking.


Remember, each touch here can electrify the moment, but you must be attentive to his reactions to ensure it's pleasurable. Gently rolling the balls between your fingertips or softly massaging them can be exquisitely stimulating. If you're feeling adventurous, a warm breath or a teasing tongue can add a new dimension of sensation. Just always be attuned to his comfort level and communicate openly about what works best for him. Exploring with care and curiosity will make the experience enjoyable for both of you.



Think about the sensations it sends throughout your body when somebody kisses your neck; the same goes for your man. The nape of the neck is the perfect area to focus on. Try kissing him this area with your mouth open a bit and humming.


Gently nibble on the skin or perhaps use the tip of your tongue to trace patterns. This heightened sensation can send shivers down his spine, acting as a powerful build-up to more intense moments. You can also experiment with varying levels of pressure; from feather-light kisses to more assertive suction. The contrast will keep him guessing and yearn for your touch. Remember, rhythmic breathing against his skin can add another layer of tantalizing vibrations that can elevate the experience even further.



By now you have probably figured out the things that you like will also probably work for him. In a survey for Cortex, men admitted that nipples made it into the top spots for stimulation. Try licking or sucking his nipples while you play with other areas.


Similar to many women, men have erogenous zones that can trigger powerful sexual responses when stimulated. Don't shy away from incorporating his nipples into your foreplay routine. Gently twirling your fingers around them or applying a soft pressure can elevate his arousal. It's a symphony of sensation, so be attuned to his reactions and adjust accordingly—some men enjoy a light bite, while others may prefer a delicate touch. Keep the lines of communication open; his moans or body language will guide you in finding the perfect rhythm and technique to send shivers down his spine.


The Shaft

You have probably already been focusing on his penis to get him in the mood, but the way you touch it plays a big part. Men prefer you to touch the top of their shaft with fairly firm pressure. This is because the erectile tissue sits pretty deep under the skin.


The shaft of the penis is the long, cylindrical part that makes up the majority of its length. It is made up of three spongy tubes that fill with blood during arousal, causing an erection. The top of the shaft, also known as the glans, is particularly sensitive and can be a major source of pleasure for men. Using firm pressure here can stimulate the erectile tissue underneath and heighten his pleasure. Additionally, incorporating different types of touch, such as licking or lightly scratching, can enhance the experience for both partners. Experimenting with different techniques can help you find what works best for your partner.


The Tip

This is the area of the penis that has a lot of nerve endings, more so than the shaft. This is the area on the man that is the closest to the clitoris. So no matter if you are engaging in oral or using your hands, focus on this area.


The glans, or head of the penis, is indeed ultra-sensitive, and many men love it when you lavish attention here. Gentle licks, soft kisses, and the occasional tease with your breath can ignite intense pleasure. If you're using your hands, try a swirl technique around the ridge, where sensitivity peaks. And always pay attention to his reactions—a gasp, a moan, or quickened breath are signs you've hit the sweet spot. Mixing up the pressure and rhythm can also bring him waves of sensation, leading to a deeply satisfying experience for him.


His Bum

A man’s G-spot is his prostate gland, and it is found about a finger’s length inside his bum. Not all men will like having this stimulated, though, so talk about it first before you stick anything anywhere. If they are up for it, they will have a pretty amazing experience.


When exploring this sensitive zone, communication is key. Start with gentle external caresses and if you get the green light, proceed slowly. Use plenty of lubricant to ensure comfort. Remember, this type of stimulation might be unfamiliar territory, so patience and a gentle approach will go a long way. It might take a few tries to get it right, but when done properly, stimulating the prostate can lead to intense pleasure and even enhance orgasm. Just be sure to read his cues and go with the flow.


The Perineum

This is the skin located between the bum and the balls. This is the spot that holds his ejaculatory muscles, so when this area is massaged, it will make his climax more intense.

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