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Why We Love Rough Hard Sex ...

By Sici

Did you know that every time some company undertakes one of those big ‘sex surveys’ to try to figure out the likes and dislikes of the of age, consenting public, something that continues to rank highly in terms of preference and turn on is the act of rough, hard sex? It’s certainly something we don’t see much of in the hundreds of romcoms that are thrown our way every year, or in the majority of TV shows that we watch every week, but there is obviously something about doing it hard and fast that gets people going! Here are some suggestions for why we love rough, hard sex so much!

1 Element of Surprise

There is something about rough and hard sex that satisfies the craving we all have for the element of surprise. Of course, I’m talking about everything being agreed and consensual, but when you are going for more of a rough experience, your partner can sometimes shock and delight you with moves and dirty talk that aren’t what would be considered the norm. Certainly not something you would expect to see in You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless In Seattle!

2 Message of Trust

The beauty of having rough but consensual sex is in the fact that you are sending such as message of trust and strong connection to your partner, making them see that they can push some boundaries and push the envelope sexually without fear of upsetting you or hurting you. Everything should be agreed upon beforehand, and it’s always good to have a safe world in place.

3 Dominance

Lots of ladies love to engage in rough sex, but the kind of rough sex that sees them being the dominant force in the couple. For many, it provides some escapism from the trappings of their real life where they might have be to subservient to lots of bosses and superiors in their careers.

4 Power

There is something about having power and exerting power that just feels wildly intoxicating! When things are hard and rough, you kind of have permission to exert more power than you would in other life circumstances, and that can be a really fun and gratifying.

5 Selfish

Rough, hard sex provides you with a little opportunity to exercise some of the selfishness that you try so hard to keep buried in all other areas of your life! When consent has been agreed and you are in the realm of role play, you can be a different person and demand what you want!

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