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How to Enjoy Christmas when You're Single Broken Hearted or in a LDR ...

By Neecey

Christmas is not the best time of year to be single or to be away from your LDR partner. I also find that even people who have made the choice to be single can find themselves questioning their decision at this time of year. Love is all around and you’re not getting your fair share. You have to work just a little bit harder to make sure you enjoy Christmas, because you deserve a happy time just like everyone else.

1 Get Some Perspective

Get Some Perspective When you really think about it, Christmas Day is just one day out of an entire year; the only meaning it has is the meaning that you give it.

2 Make the Most of It

Make the Most of It Whether you are single or in a LDR, you will still have quality time to give to somebody at Christmas, so make sure you do.

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3 Make Lots of Plans

Make Lots of Plans Making lots of plans with family and friends can help to take your mind of someone that you might be missing.

4 Lower Expectations

Lower Expectations Don’t go in expecting to have the best Christmas ever, because on the day you just might not feel like it and then will be disappointed.

5 Set Your Own Values

Set Your Own Values You don’t have to do Christmas a certain way just because it’s tradition; do whatever feels best for your personal situation.

6 Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself No matter what your relationship status is, you should never forget to treat yourself as well as others.

7 Ignore Your Ex

Ignore Your Ex Christmas can be a time full of sentimentality and you may get a text or two from your ex, but remember that he’s your ex for a reason and don’t give in the festive pressure!

8 Family Compromise

Family Compromise If your LDR means that you will be away from your own family at Christmas, make sure that you come to a compromise that is good for everyone.

9 Ignore Loneliness

Ignore Loneliness Don’t go running back to your ex just because you hate the idea of being alone at Christmas; fill up the space with family and friends instead.

10 Think with Your Head, Not Your Heart

Think with Your Head, Not Your Heart You might have had one too many drinks and the idea of hooking up with your ex might start to become attractive, but remember that Christmas hook ups have consequences in the New Year too!

11 No Drunk Dialing

No Drunk Dialing When the drinks come out, the phone needs to go away. This should be the rule for pretty much everyone at Christmas!

12 No FB Stalking

No FB Stalking Stalking your ex’s photos on Facebook is never a great idea, but at Christmas all of your emotions are heightened.

13 Be Safe

Be Safe If all else fails and you do end up having a brief romantic reunion, make sure you use protection because the last thing the ‘relationship’ needs is a baby to take care of!

14 Don’t Let It Consume You

Don’t Let It Consume You Don’t let the thought of your love life consume the festive period. Christmas is about so much more than having a boyfriend right next to you.

15 Don’t Sit by the Phone

Don’t Sit by the Phone Don’t sit by the phone in the hope that he might call. Instead try your hardest to get in to the festive spirit with family and friends.


DON’T SEND the EX a GIFT Don’t even think about sending a gift to your ex. Even if you had bought it before you broke up, it sends the wrong message when you should be moving on.

17 Do What You Can

Do What You Can Don’t take on every single responsibility, but on the other hand don’t completely ignore Christmas. Help out in whatever way you can and you will feel great self worth.

18 Don’t Worry about Gifts

Don’t Worry about Gifts If your break up has meant that you haven’t had time to do a proper Christmas shop, then just do what you can. Your family and friends don’t just care about what you get them - they care about your well being.

19 Don’t Be Demanding

Don’t Be Demanding Some people try to get over a break up by completely taking over the Christmas process. Don’t be demanding of those who are there and that love you just because one person has left.


FORGET YOUR PRIDE If you are in a break up funk and don’t want to accept a friend’s Christmas invitation because of your pride, forget that! Your friend loves you and they just want you to have a nice time.

21 Have Your Own Christmas

Have Your Own Christmas If it’s the only chance you get to see your LDR boyfriend, then have Christmas Day alone together and see your families in the coming days.

22 Find a Balance

Find a Balance If you and your LDR boyfriend share different opinions about the important of Christmas, it’s important to find a balance between the two to enjoy yourselves.

23 Have a Plan B

Have a Plan B It’s vital to have a firm Plan B in place for if your LDR boyfriend can’t make it. These things happen so we have to be prepared.


DON’T PRESSURE If you are in an LDR, don’t use the Christmas period as an opportunity to pressure him in to something more serious like an engagement or a moving commitment; it’s not fair.

25 It’s Not the Gift That Counts

It’s Not the Gift That Counts If you’re in a LDR, try not to stress too much about the gift you are sending. The thought always means more than the material possession.

26 Keep Busy

Keep Busy Keep as busy as you can. It will take your mind off your love life and might lead to a period of festive productivity.

27 Just Remember ...

Just Remember ...

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