How to Find πŸ” Your Inner Animal πŸ™Š during Sex πŸ› ...


For lots of people, sex can start to get a little bit boring and vanilla if you find that you are mentally checking out and just going through motions instead of being present and emotional involved. Sometimes, what it takes to reawaken your sexual desire and rediscover just how erotic and fun sexual intimacy can be is releasing your inner animal! This is the side of yourself that feels lust most strongly, and acts on pleasure instinct without thinking about external life factors! Here is how to find your inner animal during sex.

1. Remove Obstacles

Try to rid your head of all of the life factors that might be distracting you from really losing yourself to sexual pleasure. Don’t think about the kids, don’t think about work, don’t think about the bills ... just commit to focusing only on your partner and on the physical sensations you are feeling right now, and this mental freedom will lead to you accessing a more animalistic part of yourself.

Build Tension