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How to Get That Honeymoon Feeling Back for Couples in a Rut ...

By Lisa

I know you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again, relationships take work. Even the closest couples with an undeniable spark can sometimes end up losing the passion that once held them together. Life is busy, challenging, and very demanding so it can sometimes suck the energy out of us and we don’t have much left to give to our partner. Also, if you’ve been together for awhile, it can sometimes feel like a roommate or friend-type situation more than a romantic relationship. If you’re experiencing something similar, know that it doesn’t have to stay that way! Relationships can fall into a rut but you can also dust yourselves off and get right back up again. Even if you feel like your once close relationship has hit a wall, there are ways to get back on track. Keep reading to see our tips on how you can get that loving feeling again!

1 Don’t Stop Flirting

Flirting often goes out the window for couples who have been together for a long time. Whether the two of you are busy with kids, work, or just life in general, flirting might not seem like a priority when you’ve got a screaming baby on your hands or you’re putting in extra hours to get promoted. Be that as it may, make time to flirt! It might seem silly in the grand scheme of things but you need it to keep the romance alive. Send a flirty text or photo today to keep things fun and sexy. Even if you’re dying to get to bed, make the effort. You’ll thank yourself later!

2 Spend Time Apart

When you feel like your relationship may be in a rut, spending all of your free time together might make things worse. Spend some time with your friends and family so you have an identity outside of the relationship. The time apart gives you something new to talk about, something new to learn about one another, and breaks up the monotony. Take advantage of time apart to indulge yourself so you’re rejuvenated for your partner and you can catch up with old pals and family.

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3 Be More Spontaneous

I used to thrive on spontaneity but once I got older with more responsibilities, I was all about planning ahead. Now that might seem sensible but it can get boring quickly. It’s not always possible to plan everything in advance or expect everything to go as planned. Think back to when you first got together. Did you leave little love notes around the house or randomly give him a big kiss? Try incorporating some of those things into your routine again and it’ll take you both back to when you first fell in love.

4 Get to Know Your Partner’s past

Once couples have been together for an extended period of time, it might feel like you know everything there is to know. But in reality, they lived a good number of years before they met you and there are likely lots of stories and facts that you haven’t heard about. Take some time to swap baby photos or stories about what shaped you into the person you are today. You’ll probably find there’s a lot more to learn and love about your partner and give a renewed excitement toward your relationship.

5 Don’t Forget about Dates

If your evenings and weekends together has become way too routine, start planning some dates together. Go out and explore someplace new, learn something together, or work on a home project together. Doing chores and vegging out in front of the TV do not count as dates! Get dressed up and really make a night of it. Continuing to date over time is essential to keeping that spark alive.

6 Take Time to Be Playful

Look, we know that life is serious but your relationship doesn’t always have to be. Be spontaneous and playful with your mate. Did you do silly things when you first got together? Were there some fun rituals you used to take part in together? Bring those things back and be more playful with your interactions with your partner. It’ll make communication so much more light hearted and fun.

7 Put in Some Extra Effort

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to put in the extra effort to keep things fresh and hot! Take care of yourself not only for your partner but for yourself. It’s good to be comfortable with your partner but not to the point where you feel super comfy expressing all of your bodily functions in front of him or seeing how long you can go without washing your hair. In order to get your relationship back to the way things once was, don’t be afraid to put some extra effort in to show that you really care and want to be together.

Do you feel as though your relationship is in a rut? Let us know what you think is helpful or not in getting back that honeymoon feeling.

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