How to Handle the Ex That Won't Leave Your BF Alone ...


Does your boyfriend’s ex refuse to leave him alone? Maybe she calls him, stalks him on social media or is just generally around too much for your comfort. So what’s a girl to do? It turns out there’s a lot you can do in this situation!

1. Evaluate the Circumstances


You don’t want to panic when there’s an ex that won’t leave your boyfriend alone. You need to be calm and approach the situation in a reasonable manner. The first thing you want to do is evaluate the circumstances. Are there good reasons for your boyfriend’s ex to contact him? If they share a child together, then there’s always going to be some contact between them. Do they have some old business they need to discuss such as a shared credit card or something similar?

Observe Your Man


Oh no no no. He needs to get rid of those pictures. Creepy, sinister and disrespectful. 
I think it is sinister that he keeps her naked pictures. I find it totally unacceptable.
Omg really why would you bf keep her naked pics that's a red flag @ Reema
I have the exact same situation. My bf kept her naked pictures.
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