How to Have Sex While on Your Period ...


How to Have Sex While on Your Period ...
How to Have Sex While on Your Period ...

For most women, periods are something that you have to contend with every single month, and that means that there will be areas of your life that are affected by your menstrual cycle. One of these areas is most definitely sex, especially annoying if you are someone who doesn’t get to see their partner all the time, and happens to be on your period on the days that you can properly be together! It isn’t always something that some women like to do, but sexual intercourse during menstruation doesn’t have to be the horror show that you might be imagining! Here are some tips on how to have sex when on your period.

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Broaden Your Definition

The first thing that you can do is dismantle the old-fashioned idea that sex can only be penis inside vagina action! There are so many more things that you can do to get off, including him getting to know your clitoris a little better with his fingers! All you need to do is make sure that you have a fresh tampon in before starting, and this kind of activity doesn’t need to change at all.


Shower Sex

If you do want to enjoy some penetration, then one way to get around the ‘mess’ factor is both jump in the shower and do it there. You won’t have any sheets to clean or stains to wash out because any period evidence will just slide down the drain along with everything else. Problem solved!


Menstrual Cup

Most menstrual cups will stay in place for fingers, toys and penises if you put them in correctly, which makes them a great choice for sex on your period. Most varieties are soft and flexible enough to also not be too much of a bother during the actual act of penetration.


Try Something New

Why not take this time to try something new rather just going with tried and tested peen to vag penetration? There are things like anal sex and dry humping to enjoy, not to mention the prospect of turning the table on your partner and going for a little strap on action!


Towel and Go

Hey, listen, I’m not judging. If you want to just go for it, then go for it! All I will say is that you should definitely put down a couple of towels down to do it on because things get a whole lot less sexy when you have a tonne of laundry to do afterwards!

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Anal sex is the worst position it’s very dangerous for health 😖😖don’t do that

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