6 Tantric Tips for a Better Orgasm ...


6 Tantric Tips for a Better Orgasm ...
6 Tantric Tips for a Better Orgasm ...

If you don’t know what tantric sex is, it is essentially an ancient Hindu practice that focuses on the weaving and expansion of your energy in order to create the perfect flow and connection and bring you even greater pleasure than normal. Celebrities like Sting have spoken about the benefits and pleasures of tantric sex before, and it sounds so great that maybe it’s time for you to get involved too! If it means having better sex, then why would you now want to give it a go! Here are six tantric tips for a much better orgasm!

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Set the Mood

A lot of pleasure comes from the mind as well as the physical sensation of touch. Tantric sex is pretty much the opposite of a quickie! It’s all about creating the right atmosphere, get those scented candles out, pick the perfect playlist, decorate the room with some beautiful flowers, make use of aromatherapy. All of these little touches will add up to make a big sexual impact.


Tantric sex is about taking your time and creating a sensual atmosphere. To set the mood, it's important to choose the right music and lighting, and to use scented candles and aromatherapy. Adding flowers to the room can also help to create a romantic ambiance. Furthermore, tantric sex is about focusing on the physical and mental pleasure of both partners, and it is all about the journey, not the destination. Taking your time and enjoying the moment can help both partners to experience more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.



Remember to breathe! Holding your breath for periods during sex can stop the circulation of the sexual energy through your body, so the more relaxed you are and the more you take nice deep, regular breaths, the more pleasure you are going to feel. When you feel an orgasm coming, don’t hold your breath in anticipation, instead keep them coming nice and smooth!


Breathing is an important part of tantric sex. When we focus on our breath, we become more mindful and in tune with our bodies. This helps to increase pleasure and intensify our orgasm. When we hold our breath, it can actually stop the circulation of sexual energy, so it is important to keep breathing during sex. Taking nice, deep, regular breaths helps to relax the body and increase pleasure. When an orgasm is coming, don’t hold your breath – keep breathing nice and smooth. This will help to build and prolong the pleasure. By focusing on our breath, we can enjoy a more intense and satisfying orgasm.


Day Time

Make more of an effort to have sex in the daytime, rather than last thing at night when both of you are drained and tired from a hard day at work. You will find that your sexual energy is much stronger the earlier you do it in the day, which makes morning sex the perfect time for a spot of tantric exploration!


Daytime sex can be the perfect opportunity to explore tantric techniques. It can be energizing and help to bring couples closer together. Studies have shown that morning sex can increase dopamine and oxytocin levels in the body, which can lead to a more intense and prolonged orgasm. Additionally, having sex in the morning can help to reduce stress levels and improve communication between partners. Daytime sex can also be a great way to start the day off on the right foot, with both partners feeling connected and satisfied.


Eye Contact

The physical nature of the pleasure will sort itself out, but it is up to you to enhance the emotional connection. An easy way to do that is to make meaning and long-lasting eye contact with your partner. This kind of sexual intimacy is what can take an average encounter and turn it in to a tantric explosion!


Eye contact is a key component of tantric sex, as it helps to build an emotional connection between partners. It is an important part of creating a deeper, more meaningful sexual experience. Eye contact can help to increase arousal, and help partners to stay in the moment and focus on each other. By making sustained eye contact, partners can create a powerful and intense connection that will make the experience more pleasurable and meaningful. It can also help to increase the intensity of the orgasm and make it more enjoyable.


Forget the Orgasm

Don’t spend the entire time focusing on achieving your orgasm, because the more you think about it, the more elusive it is going to be. Instead, just let yourself go and enjoy each sensation as it happens. You will find that this builds up more naturally if you aren’t physically trying to intervene all the time.


Tantric sex is an ancient practice that focuses on the connection between two partners and the pleasure that can be derived from that. One key tip is to forget about the orgasm and instead focus on the sensations of pleasure. Taking your time and enjoying each sensation as it happens will build up to a more natural and powerful orgasm. This is just one of the many tips that can help you achieve a better orgasm through tantric sex. Other tips include focusing on breathing, relaxation, and visualization. With practice, you can learn to use these techniques to improve your sexual pleasure.

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Light Meal

The last thing you want to do is try to have this deep, meaningful, longer lasting sex if you are feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Stick to eating a very light meal at dinner if you are planning to have sex that night, or even better, skip lunch entirely if you are planning on getting lucky earlier in the afternoon!

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