8 Perfect πŸ‘Œ Things to do Together πŸ’ in the Bedroom πŸ›Œ That Aren't 🚫 Sex πŸ™Š ...

It's probably not wrong to assume that the bedroom is the room in the house in which you experience your most intimate activities with a partner. Of course, sex is the obvious thing that comes to mind, but the level and intimacy that is shared doesn’t always have to be the most intense and most extreme example there is. Sure, sex should be a regular part of your bedroom life, but there are plenty of other things that you should be doing to enjoy a much more rounded and varied level of connection with your partner. Here are eight things to do in the bedroom that aren’t sex.

1. Massage

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The perfect example of touching your partner in a non-sexual way, but bringing them an equal amount of pleasure! Take some time to get out those knots and soothe those tired muscles. Massages are 100% underrated!

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