8 Perfect Things to do Together in the Bedroom That Aren't Sex ...


8 Perfect Things to do Together in the Bedroom That Aren't Sex ...
8 Perfect Things to do Together in the Bedroom That Aren't Sex ...

It's probably not wrong to assume that the bedroom is the room in the house in which you experience your most intimate activities with a partner. Of course, sex is the obvious thing that comes to mind, but the level and intimacy that is shared doesn’t always have to be the most intense and most extreme example there is. Sure, sex should be a regular part of your bedroom life, but there are plenty of other things that you should be doing to enjoy a much more rounded and varied level of connection with your partner. Here are eight things to do in the bedroom that aren’t sex.

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photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, The perfect example of touching your partner in a non-sexual way, but bringing them an equal amount of pleasure! Take some time to get out those knots and soothe those tired muscles. Massages are 100% underrated!



emotion, snapshot, interaction, fun, girl, How long has it been since you cuddled without the involvement of sex before or after? Rather than it being a side note to intercourse, make the effort to just be in one another’s arms more often.



room, furniture, scene, interior design, Tell him to play some of your favourite couple songs and have a fun time dancing around the bedroom together. It can take you back to a more fun, innocent time, and it can also help to tire you out so you get a good night’s sleep!


Eye Contact

man, facial hair, face, nose, chin, Take some time to look at each other, I mean really look at each other. The eyes are the window to the soul after all, and you should spend as much time as you can trying to make an impact on your partner’s soul!



girl, mouth, conversation, fun, neck, Bring some fun and sexy foods in to the bedroom and have yourselves a little indulgent in-bed picnic! I’m talking chocolate, strawberries, a little champagne. Even better, plan to have the night before you are due to change the sheets so that you don’t have to keep finding crumbs for the next week!



interaction, human, fun, love, friendship, Sex and sleep are important, but so are those late night, in the dark conversations that you and your partner have. There is something about the comfort of being in bed that can really help you both to open up. Those chats can be some of the most intimate that you ever have.


Undress Each Other

human hair color, leg, hand, girl, human body, Reconnect at the end of a long hard day by undressing each other for bed. There is something really intimate about taking the clothes off of someone you love; they open themselves up to you in a really vulnerable and loving way.


It's not just the act of baring skin, it's a shared moment of trust when you handle each other with care and attention. Gently slide off a shirt, undo a button, or zip down a dress, and let each tender touch reinforce your connection. Let every glance and every whisper be a testament to the bond you share. It's a dance of affection, a silent dialogue that speaks volumes about the affection and comfort you find in one another's presence. Indulge in the slow revelation, savouring the simplicity of being together, vulnerably and beautifully yourselves.



interaction, girl, conversation, scene, And lastly, it isn’t always something that you have to do together. A couple who can both lay in bed at night and read a couple of chapters of a great book, in loving silence together, is a couple that is definitely going to stand the test of time!

Of course, these may lead to the inevitable, but that's ok because you shared intimacy before getting more intimate.

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