Why Blindfolds Are the Best Sex Toy ...

By Sici

I’m a super sex positive person. My motto is pretty much if it is legal, and there is consent all round, the go for it! Something that has the power to make sex much more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved is using sex toys, and it would be fair to say that at this point in time, there are so many different gadgets out there that it can be hard to know which one is the one for you! In my opinion, I happen to think that when it comes to sexy items, sometimes the oldies are the best! Here is why I think the humble blindfold is the best sex toy around!

Table of contents:

  1. enhanced sensitivity
  2. boosts confidence
  3. one size for all
  4. not intimidating
  5. cheap

1 Enhanced Sensitivity

When your sense of sight is prohibited, it enhances all of the other senses including touch, and of course, touch is most important when it comes to sex! Not being able to see what your partner is going to do to you next really amps up the excitement and stimulation.

2 Boosts Confidence

It can be a really effective confidence booster for the person not wearing the blindfold, because if they are shy or nervous, not being watched by their partner can give them a sense of freedom to try new things without judgement. They will feel less inhibited to express themselves; there is a sense of freedom in not being watched!

3 One Size for All

Some sex toys and accessories require different sizes for different people, but a blindfold is one size fits all so you never have to worry about buying the wrong thing or making a mistake with an order. If it covers the eyes, then it’s doing its job, regardless of what shape or size you are!

4 Not Intimidating

We are all familiar with blindfolds, which means that they aren’t intimidating or scary at all. Some sex toys can look and feel kind of heavy duty like they are only for sex experts or something, but a blindfold is perfect for starting out. It's super-user friendly!

5 Cheap

Something we can all appreciate, a blindfold barely costs anything at all! If you do some research in to other toys and gadgets, you’ll see that they can be really expensive sometimes, but not a trusty blindfold, anybody can pick one of those babies up!

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