How to Improve Your Sex Life Using the 5 Languages of Love ...


How to Improve Your Sex Life Using the 5 Languages of Love ...
How to Improve Your Sex Life Using the 5 Languages of Love ...

Gary Chapman’s ‘The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate’ has long been one of the most talked about celebrated books on romance and relationships ever since it was published in 1992. It has been cited as a text that can help you to find a better understanding and love with your partner, but what about sex? Can the advice also be translated to lovemaking? Here is how to improve your sex life using the 5 languages of love.

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Words of Affirmation

The more you can focus and put real meaning into the things that you say and the compliments that you give, the more responsive your partner is going to be. Words of admiration and encouragement in a bedroom setting make for more meaningful and enjoyable sex, especially when your compliments give your partner a confidence boost.


Quality Time

I have always thought that the more in sync you are with someone, the more enjoyable your lovemaking is. The best way to cultivate this kind of connection is through spending quality time together. Put down your phones and tablets and turn away from the TV screen to actually be present with another.


Receiving Gifts

Gifts can be bought, found or made, it is the giving that counts, not the cost or the magnitude. The obvious connection to sex here is through things like toys, which can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of sex! If you have never used sex toys with your partner before, it’s never too late to start! Even better, take a look online together and see which gadgets take your fancy.


Acts of Service

It is important to express your love through acts of service, and in a bedroom context this can relate to all of the things leading up the ‘big event’. Things like massages and foreplay are all just as important as penetration, and they heighten the experience by making it longer.


Physical Touch

It isn’t just about putting a penis in a vagina, is it? Make sure that you explore all the different avenues in the bedroom, holding hands, kissing, fondling, stroking, all of these physical touch sensations build up to producing a much more satisfying experience than just a quick in and out!

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