5 Ways Sex Toys Make You More Confident in the Bedroom ...


5 Ways Sex Toys Make You More Confident in the Bedroom ...
5 Ways Sex Toys Make You More Confident in the Bedroom ...

Hey guys, it’s 2018, are you really still out there just having sex with your partner and nothing else to join in with the fun? Don’t get me wrong, the loving and lustful connection between two people is definitely what makes sex amazing, but there are so many things you can do to enhance your experiences, especially if you are suffering from a lack of spark or confidence lately. One way to inject something interesting into your sex life is the wonderful array of toys at your disposal. Here are five ways that sex toys make you more confident in the bedroom!

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Better Sex

To put it simply, the more pleasure you can inject into proceedings, the better the sex is going to be overall! Why wouldn’t you introduce a few toys that can make the experience feel better for both of you? It boosts your self confidence to both have a better orgasm for yourself, and also give a better orgasm to your partner!


More Communication

When there are toys to navigate and discuss the use of, it forces you to have better communication with your partner. Tell them how you want them to use it, ask them how they want it to be used on them. Having these sorts of conversations can get rid of lots of the silent awkwardness that can sometimes happen during sex. It opens you up to be much more free in expressing yourself.


Less Pressure

Let’s face it, performing well in bed is something that can put a lot of pressure on a person, so if they have a few toys at hand to help them with the job, it should make for a more relaxed session. If they know that you are assured of a good time thanks to some gadget enhancement, they won’t be so anxious.


Taking Charge

Sex can sometimes be something that you have happen to you, rather than being fully present for, but when sex toys are involved, you stand to have a much more inclusive and hands-on experience because there are more avenues to explore than just laying there and letting your partner do ‘their thing’.


Learning Experience

If you and your partner can see how you respond to different toys and how you like to use them in certain areas, you can learn a lot about the ways that they like to be touched, and then can use that to make your own moves more pleasurable. Sex toys can actually teach you a thing or two!

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