Pro Tips 👌🏼 to Making Him Chase You 🏃 Long Distances ✈️ ...


Long distance relationships are unique even when you’re already in a committed relationship. But what do you do when you’re in the position of trying to make him chase you over the miles? It turns out that there’s actually a lot you can do. These 7 tips will make sure he won’t stop until you’re his girl.

1. Adjust Your Timetable


The timetable for developing a relationship is different when you’ve got miles between you. It generally takes longer because you have fewer occasions to physically be together. But that’s okay because a relationship that makes you happy is worth the wait, right? So realizing that it’s going to take awhile to establish a relationship is step number one.

Let It Show That You’re Having Fun


Sometimes boyfriends left us so confusing ...
Hi I'm from India though we both are together still I feel there is a barrier between us in communication wth each other any suggestions
Ldr is so hard im in one to
Adore Trishhy
He lives in Miami and im in Thailand so far last night we have arguments and i feel like idk know him 😩 what im suppose to do
@Karen I hopefully when he gets back you guys will have more time to spend together and get more serious about your relationship
@Karen I I wouldn't overthink it if I were you. If you trust what he says about his studies then you've got no reason to fear. I would definitely call him for his birthday. We're all human and we like...
He's in jersey 3 hrs away from me
Karen I
Helpme ☺️💕
Karen I
I thought of calling him but idk
Karen I
In two days is his bday
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