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We’ve all seen those “I Love Nerd” t-shirts around. But it actually is awesome to date one. Not only are they super smart, but they can be totally sexy too. Here are some reasons why you should consider finding one of your own.

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They’re Passionate

I don’t know about you, but I always find passion to be a key thing that attracts me to a person. Being lack-luster about life isn’t that much fun. I’ve dated guys who really didn’t have any thing they could focus on or talk about. But most nerds I have met usually have an obsession or love that they could talk about for days, and it’s always so interesting.


They’re Conversationalists

So it all depends on what your cup of tea is, but if you like to have meaningful and interesting conversations, nerds are great at it. The guys I’ve met tend to be extremely intellectual and always have something unique to contribute to a topic. It never is boring talking to a slightly nerdier guy, at least from what I’ve found.


They’re Easygoing

Yeah, so it’s fun to go out on the town and do things. But nerds are also perfectly content hanging out for a cuddle sesh or binge watching their favorite shows. They’re not going to make you feel bad for not wanting to go out to the club on Friday night. It’s nice not to have that pressure.


They’re Tech Savvy

This may be a stereotype, but have you ever met a nerd that wasn’t good with technology? This always comes in handy when you have a computer problem you need solving. The guys I’ve met who are nerdy also tend to stay up to speed with current events since they’re always surfing the web. I usually learn a lot through what they’ve seen or have to say.


They’re Funny

Okay, so you’re thinking – a lot of guys are funny. But nerdy guys just seem to be funnier. They’re witty. They’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and they’re not too cool to laugh about things. A sense of humor is something I always look for in a guy, and nerds are in no short supply.

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They’re Just Plain Nice

Going for the stereotypical hot guy might be easy on your eyes, but does he have the personality to match? It’s hard to find a guy to treat you right these days, but I bet if you start looking in the nerd department, you’ll have more luck. I have yet to meet a mean nerd. I am almost convinced they don’t exist. They have manners and respect for women. It’s great.


They’re Loyal

Plain and simple: a nerdy man will have your back. They don’t care about popularity. They surround themselves with friends who they genuinely connect with and support. This means that they will support you. Loyalty in a relationship is one of the things I value most. I love knowing I can depend on someone, whatever the situation.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should set your sights on a nerdy guy. Nerdy is synonymous with awesome. Got any more insight on the geeks you’ve encountered? Comment below, and thanks for reading!

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It sounds great but whete would you encounter these sterrotypes?

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