How to Stop Getting Screwed over by Men ...


Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you. Maybe your crush led you on. Maybe a man ended up being completely different than you thought he'd be. It doesn't matter what his crime was, because all that matters is that your heart was shattered. Since you won't want to experience such a dreadful feeling ever again, here are a few ways to stop getting screwed over by men:

1. Don't Call Him Your Boyfriend after One Date

Don't Call Him Your Boyfriend after One Date

A date and a marriage proposal are two totally different things. That's why you shouldn't consider a man to be your boyfriend after one little date. You should take things slow, so you have a chance to get to know him. If you rush into things, then you could end up in a relationship with a heartbreaker.

Watch out for Red Flags


I just did all the no...I kept telling myself don't expect don't hope. I really like him on after d first date. On the 2nd I felt the connection I never had with any men, I went let's do it.. He respe...
Who can resist Chris Evans asking fir a DATE????
Don't ever text him first
Don't ever sleep with a man on the first date let weeks go by or months just to make sure that is what you want to do especially with him
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