Men Don't Care about These 7 Things in the Bedroom ...


Men Don't Care about These 7 Things in the Bedroom ...
Men Don't Care about These 7 Things in the Bedroom ...

Women and men think very differently when it comes to what matters in the bedroom. It’s very likely that the things you’re worried about aren’t on his mind at all. This can be difficult to grasp. But once you realize these’re things men truly aren’t concerned about then you can relax and enjoy yourself much more.

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If You’re Freshly Showered

black, human action, white, black and white, photograph, Of course there’s a line here. But if you haven’t had a shower yet today then your man probably isn’t going to feel there’s a reason not to enjoy intimacy. This can be very difficult for women as a shower beforehand is always preferred. If you always shower daily but just haven’t made it that far today then you’re probably good to go. You may not be as fresh as you prefer but it’s unlikely he minds.


If You Haven’t Shaved in a Few Days

human action, person, black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, This’s another reservation a lot of women have when it comes to being with their man. Things start to heat up between you and then you suddenly remember you haven’t shaved for two days. Don’t let that ruin your fun! He probably won’t even notice a bit of stubble. He’s got something completely different on his mind and that’s being with you!


Those 10 Extra Pounds

black, black and white, person, human positions, photography, Of course being very overweight might affect sex in certain ways. But in most cases, it doesn’t even register to him. Chances are you’re much more self-conscious about your weight than he is. There’s also a chance you believe you’re overweight when you’re really not. Talk to your doctor to see if you have any reasons to be concerned about your weight. You may find out you’ve been wasting mental energy worrying over this when there was no reason to.


Many women carry the burden of self-perceived flaws to bed, but men typically aren't grading your body on a curve. Confidence is key, and embracing your shape as it is can actually be a huge turn-on. Remember, intimacy thrives in an environment where vulnerability is celebrated—not critiqued. Before you wrap yourself in a cocoon of doubt, consider that he's more focused on the connection and passion you both share, rather than performing a mental calorie count. Your body is beautiful, so own it and let go of those niggling insecurities. They're likely just specters in the boudoir, nothing more.


Stretch Marks

human action, person, man, male, mouth, Stretch marks come to us in a variety of ways. And you know what? Most of us have at least a few. It’s important to note that they probably bother you much more than they bother your man. When he sees you, he’s seeing the beautiful woman he loves, not a few stray marks on your body.


Often, these little streaks are relics of amazing life milestones like puberty, muscle growth, or the beautiful journey of pregnancy. They're the marks of life's unique stories etched onto your very skin. Consider them as natural tattoos, representing growth, change, and often, love and new life. So, when your partner embraces you, they're cherishing every part of who you are—stretch marks included. After all, in the throes of passion, it’s the connection that matters, not the minor details of skin texture or tone. Embrace your body, as it’s the embodiment of your life’s journey!


If You Have Makeup on

human action, person, black, white, black and white, Are you sensing a theme here? When a man is in love with you he doesn’t get turned off because you’re don’t look absolutely perfect. In fact, he may enjoy seeing you without your makeup. He could even feel privileged to see you without it because it’s a way no one else may get to. We get much more hung up on things like this then our men do, ladies.

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Any Sounds You Might Be Making

human action, black, black and white, person, monochrome photography, Don’t waste your time worrying over how you may sound in the bedroom. He’s not judging you. In fact, he may love the sounds you’re making because it lets him know he’s giving you pleasure. Relax. Don’t let something small like this rob you of enjoying intimacy together.


Your moans and whispers are actually a huge turn-on for him. They serve as feedback that he is doing something right. Consider them a natural part of the passionate symphony that is lovemaking – a beautiful indication of your pleasure and connection. Sure, Hollywood has its own over-the-top portrayals, but in the real world, your genuine reactions are all that matter. So, let go of inhibitions, and remember, those sounds are more likely to boost his ego than prompt criticism. Embrace the moment and the wonderful way your bodies communicate.


If Reaching the Big O Takes You a Bit Longer

black, white, black and white, person, human positions, It often takes women a little longer to climax than they would like. This’s nothing to worry over. Chances are high that he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, if it prolongs your time together then he may be happy about it. If you know something that can help you get there a little quicker then it’s okay to share that with him, too.

These’re 7 things that men don’t care about in the bedroom. Are any of these a surprise to you? What do you worry about on this subject?

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I don't have a problem with any of these, although I find it really funny when we've both had a shower and suddenly it starts so it's like I should have waited lol!

True true true.

Men do care

It seems that you are still single! There is no fucking crush would love any of that. They might seem not interested; however, they do NEVER hesitate cheating in any possible way, going virtual sex at strip clubs, watching porno with a fantasy private solo , and so on.

@ DT yeah i agree with you to an extent....most men are very shallow....but men cheat whether you do these things or cheat for various reasons.

I always have those stubbly days with my man...its naturel....its not like men look 100% all the time either. You should obviously put in effort to look good for your man to. But hey everyone has their lazy days:)

Very helpful article. ;) And I do agree that we as females can tend to over think things sometimes, lol.

@DT what you referring to?

At least my man does

This was very helpful to read :)

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