Cringeworthy Things That'll Earn You the Award of a "Psycho Girlfriend" ...

By Holly

Cringeworthy Things That'll Earn You the Award of a "Psycho Girlfriend" ...

When you're in love, you're capable of doing some crazy things. However, if you take it too far, your boyfriend isn't going to be happy with you. That's why you should avoid the activities that'll make him consider you a psycho girlfriend. Once you earn that title, there's no going back, which is why you should stop yourself from doing these sketchy things:

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GPS on His Phone

GPS on His Phone It's one thing to look through his text messages when he leaves the room. It's another thing to install a GPS tracker on his phone, so you can see where he is at all times. In a healthy relationship, you don't have to keep tabs on your boyfriend. You should trust him enough to believe that he's telling you the truth about where he's going. If you think he's a liar, then why are you even dating him?


You Won't Let Him near Other Women

You Won't Let Him near Other Women You're allowed to complain about him texting his ex. However, if he looks at your waitress for a little too long, try not to throw a fit. There are always going to be other women in the world. You can't change that, which means you can't stop him from talking to or looking at other women. If his intentions are innocent, then don't blame him.


You Won't Stop Texting Him

You Won't Stop Texting Him Don't freak out if it takes him a few minutes to answer your text messages. After all, he has a life of his own. Maybe he's busy at a meeting. Maybe he's driving his mother to the doctor. Don't send him twenty angry texts in a row, just because you're annoyed that he hasn't messaged you back yet.


You Start Fights over Everything

You Start Fights over Everything You need to know when to pick your battles. If you yell at him for little things, he's going to question your sanity. After all, there's no reason to start a fight over which way he placed the toilet paper roll into the holder. Save your anger for the big fights, and try your best to avoid making a scene in public.


You Need Constant Attention

You Need Constant Attention His life doesn't revolve around you. He can't visit your house every single day. He can't pay attention to you and only you when you're out with a group of friends. If you expect him to ignore all of the other aspects of his life to focus on you, then he's bound to call you crazy.

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You Always Lie

You Always Lie Your relationship won't last long if your boyfriend never believes a word that comes out of your mouth. If he finds out that you've lied about your exes, your job, and your hobbies, then he's going to think you're a psycho. He wants to date the real you, not some fake version of you that you created in order to impress him.


You Make Threats

You Make Threats You should never threaten to harm your boyfriend or yourself. It's not fair to him. Plus, it'll cause him to worry about you. While you're at it, avoid threatening to end your relationship with him unless you actually mean it. If you make that threat too often, he'll call your bluff and stop believing it.

You don't want to be the girlfriend that mothers warn their sons about. Have any of your exes called you a psycho girlfriend?

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If a girl or a guy does any of these things, they deserve To be broken up with it.

"psycho" is just extremely disrespectful to call anyone unless there trying to kill you or burn down your house chill...guys will call a girl psycho for anything these days

Haha I think this is funny because there's a lot of guys that make us turn into something like this. Yes we get the blame and yes we get the "psycho" title but the real psychos are the men hurting woman and making them not trust them. Nough said.

If u met my dads family then u would realize psychotic, crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way! The crazy ones are the best ones they are passionate, they are fierce, they have heart and they love big, they add an element of surprise so if u can't handle it try & escape cause u can't hide she will find u and hunt u down and do things to u u have never felt before & they say if u can't beat em, join them u might actually enjoy it

An abusive partner doesn't make us turn into anything. We alone choose our reaction to the actions of an abusive man or woman. It's all about how comfortable you are in your own skin . . . Firm boundaries, knowing who you are and what actions you will not tolerate in a relationship. #2,3, and 5 may be indicators of larger issues and need to be discussed directly, #1,4,6 and 7 are automatic deal breakers for most individuals who are well grounded. Respect yourselves! Any man or woman who engages in these activities is not worth your time and energy - move on!

I have major anxiety & my boyfriend called me psycho for a panic attack I had after my grandfather passed away. Meanwhile my boyfriend had gps on my phone, lied constantly & needed attention. "Psycho" is an innnncredibly awful word to call someone & quite frankly, your posts are all slightly sexist, offensive, & just a bother to scroll past.

TaylorMullen I think you missed the point: "psycho girlfriend" was in quotes. That wasn't necessarily the opinion of the writer. The content in this post is good, honest, accurate info worth digesting for both sexes. Hopefully, as soon as you were aware your bf was lying, called you a "psycho" and/or was tracking your phone you immediately extricated him from your life - no contact. Keeping someone like that in your life will ultimately prove unhealthy for you mentally.

Where are the shoes from in the picture😍😂

Love that u added the gif from 'The Craft' lol