10 Tips πŸ“Ά on How to Turn Friends with Benefits πŸ’ into a Relationship πŸ’– ...

Most of us have had it happen at least once in our lifetimes. You become friends with a guy, and everything seems to be pretty platonic. But somewhere along the way, you both stop and notice that you’re attracted to each other. Now what? How to turn friends with benefits into a relationship?

However, neither of you are looking for something serious. But as time goes on, it happens. That dreaded thing- you catch feelings that go beyond the casual sex you’re used to. β€œWhat happens now?” you think.

Well, here are 10 things to do if you think you’re ready to take your FWB situation to relationship status.

1. Go out in Small Groups to Start

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Chances are, asking him to spend time one-on-one might scare him off, especially if it’s something you're not used to. Spending time as part of a small group of three or four is a good idea and one of the best ways to take your friends with benefits relationship to the next level. You might even want to invite some of your couple friends with you to set the mood.

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