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7 Ways to Show an Online Guy You like Him ...

By Merarri

If you have never tried to capture the heart of an online cutie before, you might be wondering about some good ways to show an online guy you like him. Unfortunately you can’t use the tried and true tactics, such as flirtatious body language, to get your point across. So what’s a girl to do? Don’t worry girls because I’m going to reveal a few great ways to show an online guy you like him.

1 Initiate Conversations

The first step in any romance begins with a greeting and online is no different. Be the brazen one and send him a simple greeting such as "hey" whenever he comes online. One of the best ways to show an online guy you like him is to greet him the moment he comes online. He will get the hint that you are happy to see him. A good way to test your crush’s interest after you have had a few chats, is to wait and see if he initiates conversations in the future.

2 Use Emoticons Frequently

Flirting is a bit tricky when its done online. Unless you have a webcam, you need to rely heavily on flirty emoticons to convey facial expressions. Flirty emoticons are created using colons, semicolons and letters in a variety of ways. Some good emoticon choices include the winky smiley face, the winky smiley face with its tongue sticking out, smiley face, the kiss and the smirk.

3 Maintain a Positive Conversation Tone

Although there are endless topics to talk about with a guy, your overall tone should be laidback and happy. Avoid complaining because its likely to annoy and bore him. Another thing you shouldn’t do is to tell him that you hate certain aspects of your body such as your hips because it will seem like you are fishing for compliments and lack confidence. Keep things light, fun and interesting.

4 Keep Conversation Flowing

If the two of you click, then the conversation will naturally flow without awkward silences filled with "…" on your computer screen. If phone silence is dreadful, online silence is just as bad because a conversation can go from playful banter to an abrupt silence where imaginary virtual crickets can be heard chirping in the background. So to minimize the chance of that awfulness from happening, think of some easy questions ahead of time to to ask him. As he talks about himself, sprinkle flirtatious innuendos throughout the conversation so he gets the feeling that you like him as more than a friend.

5 Share Your Humorous Side

Guys love girls that have a great sense of humor so don’t be afraid to share yours. Show him that you enjoy the funny things in life by e-mailing him funny pics, jokes or sayings. If you are Facebook friends, post funny pics or quotes on your wall that are related to a topic that you discussed in a previous conversation. If he posts something funny, make sure to compliment him on it next time you chat with him.

6 Use Facebook to Convey Interest

Speaking of Facebook, there are many ways you can convey your interest to this online hottie. If he posts something that you enjoy, hit the like button and write a comment with a flirtatious edge to it. And if he posts a pic of himself, make sure that you give him a sexy compliment. Remember girls, less is definitely more in this situation. You don’t want to drown his Facebook page in comments because it can come across as desperate to him and that’s the last thing you want.

7 Invite Him to Play Games

While online conversations are a great way to express your interest in him, here is another awesome thing to try. Suggest playing an online yahoo game and challenge him to a match. Or try a computer game like Diablo 3 which will bring you closer together when you play on a team and as you overcome obstacles. Or if you have a gaming console such as a Playstation or an XBOX, play a multiplayer game with him. If he buys a video game that you have just to play it with you, its safe to say this guy is crushing hard on you.

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas that will help you snag your online crush. Ladies, do you have other ideas that will help a girl show an online guy she is crushing on him?

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