30 Tips for How to Make Him Want You More ...


30 Tips for How to Make Him Want You More ...
30 Tips for How to Make Him Want You More ...

Granted I’m not relationship expert, girls, but I do know of some pretty effective ways for making your guy stick around, such as how to make him want you more around the clock! Guys are of a different breed, so remember they think completely differently than we do. What you think may be the best approach may be completely opposite of what is going to work to charm him and keep him wanting you. A person who wants you will want more than just your sexual affection, but will want to spend more time with you just for being you. They will appreciate you and just want to be around you, no matter where you’re at. To pull this off, follow these little tips for how to make him want you more. I promise they don’t only work, but they’re great tips for a girl to know overall!

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Go More Natural

hair,color,face,eyebrow,blue, Believe it or not, as fun as it is to get all dolled up for your guy, one of the best ways on how to make him want you more is to go more natural. Use less hair products, don’t wear crazy makeup, and don’t feel like you have to wear makeup all the time around him. Guys like to see you get dressed up, but they also prefer your natural side more than they do you being dressed up all the time, or wearing a full face of makeup around the clock. That being said, unless you’re going out for a night on the town, go more natural. Your guy will see the real you, which is what you want him to want in the first place!


Embrace your unique beauty and let your confidence shine without the need for an abundance of products. Remember, a splash of your natural glow can be just as alluring as any cosmetic enhancement. Less is more sometimes, and letting your true self come through may be just the thing that draws him in closer. Indulge in the simplicity of bare skin or a subtle hint of makeup, and watch the magic happen as he appreciates the you that doesn't need a mask to feel beautiful.


Don’t Try Too Hard

human action,person,man,product,romance, It can be so easy when we are nervous to try a little harder to make a guy want us. For instance, we might decide to spend extra time getting ready, and dress ourselves up all the time extra special. Or, we may send him cards, texts, or other things to let him know we’re thinking about him. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you tend to express yourself through your words. If so, don’t overload him with how much you’re into him. You can let him know in subtle ways without chasing him or trying too hard. Guys like to know that girls are relaxed around them and comfortable enough around them to remain low key. They also tend to like a girl who is a little shy, so don’t be too overbearing at first. Guys hate a nag, and a whiny girl, so never, ever resort to either of these habits and expect to get positive results.


The key to making a guy want you more is to keep him guessing. Don't be too eager and don't try too hard. Guys like a girl who is a little bit mysterious and who doesn't give away too much too soon. Let him come to you and take his time. Show him that you're interested and that you're happy to spend time with him, but don't push it.

Be confident in yourself and your own worth. Don't let him think he can take you for granted. Show him that you have a life of your own and that you're not just waiting around for him. This will make him want to work harder to keep you in his life.

Be yourself and don't try to be someone you're not. Guys like a girl who is comfortable in her own skin and who isn't trying to be someone she's not. Don't try to be overly flirty or overly nice. Just be yourself and let him see your true personality.

Be positive and have fun. Guys like a girl who is positive and who can make them laugh. Show him that you can have a good time and that you're not always serious. This will make him want to be around you more often.

Frequently asked questions

To encourage your partner to invest more in the relationship, communicate openly about your needs, show your own commitment, and set healthy boundaries that ensure mutual respect and effort.

You could start by being confident in yourself and what you bring to the relationship, maintaining your own interests, and not being readily available all the time. This creates a healthy dynamic where your affection is valued.

Boosting a man's interest can involve a mix of showing your own interest in him, creating fun and memorable experiences together, and also making sure to have your own independent life that keeps him intrigued and wanting to be a part of it.

Let him know that you value yourself and what you deserve in a relationship. Encourage activities that show his dedication, such as planning dates, being attentive, and showing consistent interest in you and your life.

To make your man more eager, show appreciation for the things he does, encourage him by expressing what makes you happy, and be clear about your desires in a loving and positive way.


Don’t Appear Too High Maintenance

clothing,mouth,drink,leg,hand, Men who think they have to dress a certain way or provide a certain dollar amount of money to keep up with a woman’s beauty or material maintenance can lose interest very quickly. They can also lose their interest in you because they feel like your demands or needs are too much to deal with. Don’t be too high maintenance and expect this to be attractive to a man. While it’s fine to want nice things or look nice, find a happy medium here so you keep it safe.


Being approachable and down-to-earth can make you irresistible. It’s not about compromising your standards, but rather showing that you’re comfortable in your own skin without a constant need for external validation through expensive items or an entourage of admirers. Charm your man with your genuine nature, sparkling wit, and the subtle confidence that speaks volumes more than any designer label. Be the woman who can enjoy a simple coffee date as much as a night on the town, demonstrating that it’s your company, not your cost, which is truly priceless.


Make Him Work for Your Attention a Little

human action,leisure,swimming pool,image,person, If you’re out to eat or see a movie, one of the best ways to make your guy want you more is to let him do most of the work. Let him grab your hand, steal a kiss, or open the door for you. Let him know you expect these things by not being the first one to make all the moves. Also, when you get home from a date, don’t text him right away, but let him text or call you instead. If he doesn’t, wait until the next day. If you haven’t heard from him by the next day, then you should still wait to let him contact you. Don’t go chasing him if he doesn’t even have the courtesy to call you after a date. He’s not worth your time; trust me!


This approach plays into the dance of courtship where anticipation can increase attraction. Remember, mystery and a touch of unpredictability can be your allies. By not always being readily available or quick to respond, you maintain an air of independence and self-respect. This doesn't mean you should play games or pretend to be someone you're not, but rather, show that your time is valuable, and you're not just waiting for his beck and call. It signals to him that while you're interested, you also have your own life and passions—making you all the more intriguing.


Don’t Call Him First

human action,human positions,person,clothing,sitting, Once again girls, this rule is golden! Never call a guy first. It implies you’re more into him than he is you, and guys actually prefer to do the work in the early parts of a relationship. Let him call you instead of you calling him. I promise this not only works, but most guys will want you more because they know you respect yourself enough to follow this rule too.


This isn't about playing games; it's about setting the tone for the fledgling relationship. When you resist the urge to reach out first, you send a message that you're confident and patient enough to wait for him to make a move. This anticipation builds attraction. It's the old adage of 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' in action. Allow him space to wonder and think about you, and when he does call, the conversation will be that much sweeter for both of you.


Be Nice to His Friends

leisure,sun tanning,sports,leg,swimwear, If you can’t stand your man’s friend, it can be hard to pull this trick off, but you must, hun! No guy wants to see a girl be rude to his friend. Just like we would stick up for our girlfriend, they will stick up for male friend too. They might put up with you being rude to their friends for awhile, but not for long, I promise. Guys like girls who respect their friends, family and co-workers. It implies you are respectful of them by you showing courtesy to people in their lives.


Don’t Act Too Jealous

person,vacation,photo shoot,romance,interaction, This one can be tough, especially if you’ve had a number of guys cheat on you before. No matter how hard it is, you can’t be too jealous of anyone in a relationship. To make him want you more, show you are confident in the relationship and yourself. If he gives you a reason to doubt him, then you may want to question if being in the relationship is best for you period. If you’re not sure, don’t confront him until you have enough evidence to prove him guilty, or it will only make you seem like the bad guy. If other girls flirt with your guy in front of you, let me share with you a handy tip. As hard as it may be, instead of acting jealous, smile at her, extend your hand and introduce yourself as his girlfriend. Kindness kills, sweetie!


Jealousy can inadvertently push your man away and erode the trust that's so crucial in a budding relationship. It's all about balance—trust him, but trust your instincts too. Remember, self-assurance is a form of seduction; show him you're secure enough to let small things slide, and he'll find your confidence irresistible. When those jealous pangs hit, take a deep breath and focus on the positive aspects of your connection. Channel any negative energy into something constructive, like a hobby or self-care, keeping the atmosphere between you both light and affectionate. And if you ever feel out of your depth, a calm and collected conversation is always better than an accusation. Trust must be the foundation you both build on, dazzlingly strong and visibly clear.


Make Him Laugh

human action,entertainment,nightclub,dance,interaction, Guys love a girl who can make them laugh, just like we do! When you can make a guy laugh, he'll be interested in your personality and make him want to spend more time around you. Part of making a guy want you is having him want to spend more time with you, so make a funny joke. Don't be afraid to poke fun at yourself and definitely don't be afraid to poke fun at him.


Make Plans without Him

swimwear,leg,sun tanning,supermodel,photo shoot, Don't be so available for him! Guys don't want a girl that is always around because there is no desire left in that. If you make plans with your friends and he wants to see you, he might feel a little let down but he'll ask again. He wants to spend time with you already so leave him hanging every once in a while. This will make him want you even more. We all want what we can't have.


Create a sense of mystery and independence by having your own plans and adventures. By doing so, you're subliminally conveying that your world doesn't revolve around him, which can be incredibly attractive. It's the classic case of absence making the heart grow fonder. When you're not always attainable, it piques his curiosity about your life and makes the time he does spend with you all the more precious. He'll start to treasure those moments and look forward to them with greater anticipation.


Act Confident

sports,skateboarding,extreme sport,jumping, Who doesn't love a confident person?! We all find confidence, not cocky, people because it's an attractive quality. Guys don't want a timid girl that is always talking down and doubting herself. Confidence is sexy! Don't ever forget to lift your chin up and walk like you own the place, make people look.


Make Him a Little Jealous

hair,facial hair,glasses,driving,vision care, While you shouldn't get too jealous as previously stated, it's always fun to have him get a little jealous. Talk about how a guy checked you out that day or how some guy tried to flirt with you at work. Letting him know that he's not the only one interested is sure to make him want you more because he doesn't want anyone else to have you.


However, play this game with caution and keep it lighthearted. Instilling a bit of healthy competition can indeed fan the flames of desire but avoid any tales that may sound serious or as though you're interested in someone else. You don't want to start a real argument or make him insecure. Simply drop a casual comment about the friendly barista who gave you a compliment or the coworker who admires your work ethic. It can be a fun way to remind him that you're desirable without crossing any lines.


Be Mysterious

hair,human hair color,blond,face,eyebrow, Don't reveal everything about yourself right away. This includes your body as well as your personality. Guys like a little bit of mystery. If they know what they're getting right away, then there is no fun in that for him. They like the chase and finding out what there is to know - especially about your body. Don't dress too revealing, just sexy enough to make him look.


Keeping some things to yourself can be a powerful tool in attraction. Be sparing with the details of your personal life, interests, and plans. Let him ask questions and become intrigued by the peeks into your world. This doesn't mean playing games—honesty is always key—but rather choosing not to lay all your cards on the table at once. Encourage curiosity and let the puzzle of who you are compel him to want to spend more time around you, discovering each layer at a time.


Be in Control

hair,face,hairstyle,black hair,head, Don't give in to everything that he says. Whether it's in the bedroom or just in general, take control every once in a while. Tell him you want to go to this place or that place and when you want to go there. Don't wait around for him to make plans and decisions. In bed, if your relationship is there, you try to take control every once in a while. Sometimes guys like to not be the one and only decision maker.


Asserting your desires doesn't just pique his interest; it signals confidence, which can be incredibly alluring. Plan a surprise date night or switch up the routine to keep things exciting. In moments of intimacy, guide his hands or whisper what you want—it adds a layer of spice that can rekindle passion. Remember, a relationship is a dynamic dance, and taking the lead can be just as enticing for him as it is empowering for you. Be the author of your own desires, and watch the temperature rise.


Smell Delicious

pink,petal,flower,spring,bride, Have you ever hugged a guy who smelled delicious, and fought the urge to kiss him? Well, men go just as crazy over nice scents as we do. Buy a perfume or even a deodorant with an alluring scent and he'll be all over you.


Choosing the right scent can be your secret weapon in the game of attraction. Opt for perfumes with hints of vanilla, jasmine or sandalwood. These fragrances are universally appealing and can trigger a comforting and romantic feeling. Don't be afraid to leave a gentle whiff of your perfume on his pillow or scarf; it's a subtle reminder of your presence that can drive him wild. Remember, the goal is to tantalize, not overwhelm—a light spritz is all you need to make a lasting impression.


Buy New Clothes

room,living room,interior design,furniture,design, Wear something you've never worn before to show off a new area of your body. If you only wear jeans, try donning a skirt. If you only wear heels, try throwing on some flats. Seeing you in something new will make him admire your beautiful body.


Consider the element of surprise to spice things up. A bold pattern or a pop of color can be just the jolt your wardrobe needs. It's not just about showing skin, but about showcasing your confidence through your style choices. You can also play with accessories; a statement necklace or a quirky scarf can add a whole new dimension to your look. Remember, it’s the unexpected that often sparks intrigue and keeps his eyes on you. Keep him guessing and you'll keep the spark alive.


Take Pictures

hair,human action,face,blond,person, There's nothing wrong with flooding your Facebook with selfies. When he sees other guys 'like' your photos, he'll realize that he's not the only one who finds you attractive. Posting pictures with your pals is also a great idea, because he'll be able to see how happy you are when he's not around. It shows him you have a life outside of your relationship.


Besides, capturing moments when you're at your best or enjoying hobbies can pique his interest even more. Showcase your individuality and the things that make you uniquely you. Whether it’s that cooking class you aced or the yoga pose you finally nailed, let these snapshots speak to your personal growth and confidence. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the right images can tell a compelling story about who you are, appealing to his curiosity and desire to be a part of your life.


Pay Attention to What He Likes

person,leg,food,sense,snack food, You shouldn't pretend to love soccer, because you know he's a fan. But you can study up on statistics and watch a game with him. He'll appreciate the effort you're putting in. How could he resist a girl that takes a genuine interest in his hobbies?


Compliment Him

, People like to know that they're liked. If your boyfriend wears a shirt you like, tell him. If his arms have gotten stronger, squeeze them and compliment them. If you're in a relationship with him, he already knows you like him, so don't hold back your flattery.


Everyone enjoys a confidence boost, particularly from someone they care for deeply. Whether he's nailed a presentation at work or fixed a leaky tap at home, acknowledging his efforts reinforces your admiration. Be authentic with your praise, noticing the small things he does well or the subtle changes he makes. A sincere compliment not only makes him feel appreciated but also encourages more of the behavior or style you admire. Remember, the key is to be genuine; empty flattery can often be easily spotted and may have the opposite effect.


Use Body Language

human action,person,image,girl,male, You've all heard that actions speak louder than words. That means your body language can get him hot and heavy from across the room if you make the right moves. Eye contact is the most important tool to use, but you should also make sure you're not hunched over and that you don't look too angry to approach. Keep it flirty.


Lean in to amplify your allure; a subtle tilt towards him sends the message you're interested. Smile gently to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Play with your hair or touch your neck, these classic gestures suggest vulnerability and can draw his attention. Remember, mirroring his movements builds unconscious rapport, making him feel more connected to you. But keep your gestures graceful and controlled; avoid fidgeting, as it can signal discomfort or impatience. Your goal is to exude confidence and an open heart through poised, deliberate actions.


Try out a New Trick

human action,person,human positions,man,sitting, If you've never kissed his neck or nibbled on his ear, do it the next time you see him. Trying out a new trick, no matter how simple it is, can make him go crazy. Don't be worried about messing up, because he won't mind being your test subject.


Introducing subtle surprises to your physical interactions can keep the spark alive. Whisper something unexpectedly flirtatious or gently trail your fingers along his arm. Even a soft kiss on the collarbone can send shivers down his spine. Remember, it's the novelty that's enticing, so mixing up the intensity and location of your affection adds an element of excitement each time you're together. Embrace being playful - your adventurous spirit is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Let Him See You in Action

clothing,muscle,swimwear,physical fitness,photo shoot, If you're a track star, invite him to watch you run. If you're a writer, send him a story to read. Once he sees how talented you are, he won't be able to resist you. A girl with a passion is a turn-on, so don't be afraid to strut your stuff.


Showcasing your talents can be a powerful way to pique his interest. Whether you're an artist with a gallery showcasing your work or a musician ready to serenade with your voice, make sure he's in the front row. Seeing you in your element, radiating confidence and dedication, will deepen his admiration for you. Always remember, enthusiasm is contagious, and when you're genuinely excited about your abilities, that enthusiasm will spread to him, making you irresistible.


Dress up

white,clothing,outerwear,footwear,spring, As stated above, guys like to see you when you're dressed comfortably and appear down to earth. However, if you're going to a party or having a special date, surprise him by donning red lips and pumps.


Adding an elegant dress to the mix can amplify the enchantment. Choose something that flatters your figure and boosts your confidence. Remember, it's not just the attire but how you carry it—your posture and grace can be incredibly seductive. Accessories can play a role too—a charming necklace or a chic clutch may just be the details that catch his eye. But keep it balanced; a touch of mystery is always appealing, so don't reveal all your cards at once. Let your outfit hint at the depth of your personality waiting to be explored.


Have Other Priorities

leisure,amusement park,play,toy,water park, Don't cancel plans with your family members in order to see him. He's not the most important thing in your life, no matter how much you love him. You have to remember that your job, friends, and parents deserve as much attention as he does. If you drop everything for him, he'll think he has you in the palm of his hand. Let him know that you're your own woman by prioritizing your work and family ahead of him (occasionally).


Cook for Him

person,sense, Men love a good meal. Even if you always burn your food, you should attempt to make him dinner on one of your dates. If you manage to please his stomach, you'll also please his heart. Every man wants to land a great cook, so if you whip him up a meal, he'll brag about you to all of his friends.


Buy a Gift

, You don't have to wait for his birthday or the holidays to buy him a thoughtful gift. If you purchase something that you know he'll love, how could he stop himself from showering you with kisses? Relationships should contain random acts of kindness, so go out and buy him something special.


Take Care of Yourself

face,hair,eyebrow,nose,cheek, It's easy to let things go when you get comfortable with someone, but don't let it be a habit. Men love and appreciate a woman who takes good care of herself. You want to look and feel good for your guy so be sure to take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy, and giving yourself time to relax and unwind. Not only will he appreciate you looking good for you, he'll love it when all eyes are on you!


Remember, self-care isn't just skin-deep. A vibrant, healthy glow starts from within, so prioritize your mental and emotional well-being too. A balanced life, full of laughter and positivity, is attractive. When you're genuinely happy, that happiness becomes contagious and your guy won't be able to resist being around that joyous energy. Dedicate time to hobbies and interests that make you feel fulfilled, and don't forget about pampering yourself every now and then. Whether it's a spa day, a favorite book, or simply a quiet moment with a cup of tea, those little acts of self-love matter.


Flirt with Him

human action,person,hairstyle,romance,photo shoot, Just because you got the guy doesn't mean your work is done! Flirt with your guy and don't let him forget how frisky and fun you are. This also shows him that you want him which will always make him feel good.


Keep the spark alive by sending him unexpected sweet texts or leaving little love notes in his pockets. Playfully touch him when you talk and laugh at his jokes, making sure your eyes sparkle with interest and affection. Surprise him with a spontaneous date night or cook his favorite meal. Remember, the key to flirting is showing him he's still got it and that he's your number one. By keeping things lighthearted and flirtatious, you'll not only make him want you more, but you'll also continue to nurture the connection that brought you two together in the first place.


Show Some Skin

clothing,person,image,black hair,photography, The off-the-shoulder look is hot right now and what better way to tempt your guy than with some skin? You don't want to show too much, just a little leg, part of your back or shoulders is enough. Create some interest while keeping it mysterious-it'll drive him nuts in a good way!


Utilize the power of suggestion rather than an overt display. Slipping into a slinky slip dress with a daring slit, or a smooth silk top that leaves the collarbones bare can be enticing. Think along the lines of a playful peek-a-boo—a hint of neckline or a subtle swish of fabric that teases the skin underneath. The idea is to showcase your physique without giving it all away; let imagination do the rest. This subtle approach often leads to an air of sophistication that can be incredibly alluring.


Make Sure You're Touchably Soft

pink,beauty,skin,petal,close up, Since we're on the subject of skin, another great tip is to keep yourself silky smooth so he longs to touch you. Exfoliate and slather on a perfumed lotion of his favorite scent to make a lasting impression. He won't be able to keep his hands off of you and he'll associate that fragrance with you.


Exfoliating not only removes dead skin cells but also boosts circulation, giving your skin that desirable healthy glow. Follow up with a rich, nourishing moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in hydration. If you're aiming for an extra level of allure, choose a lotion with a subtle shimmer to highlight your curves in the sunshine or under soft lighting. Boldly embracing your softness will make your skin irresistible, adding yet another layer to your enchanting presence that he'll find utterly captivating.


Be Appreciative

human action,person,clothing,dress,fashion, I'm sure your guy does little things to let you know that he thinks about you so show your appreciation! All those dates he planned, special dinners, tickets to the concert you were dying to see were all done to impress you so don't be shy and express your appreciation. He'll love that you noticed all the little details and the effort he put in to make your date memorable.

There are all kinds of variables in a relationship that can intensify the bond or send it crumbling down into pieces. Keep your relationship strong by being someone your guy wants to be around more and more. He won’t only want to get close to you, but these tips will make you seem easier to talk to, spend time with, and be with long term. What’s your best piece of relationship advice on this topic?

This article was written in collaboration with editors Lydia Sheehan, Holly Riordan, and Lisa Washington. Amazon products chosen by Allison Swann.

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From a man's point of view all is right and good except from 4,5 and 16: Do the opposite of what the article says 4: After the date a man NEVER calls if he does he is soft and seeking approval. When was the last time that a guy called you first and you like it? Seriously? If the man "chases" you WILL consider him needy and unsecure because he is. Instead initiate contact and let him take initiative for your next date. If you don't within a week tops he''ll know your level of attraction to him is low. 5: The above apply here too.I dont say the guy never called first but in a much lower frequency than the girl. If the guy called first all the time your dating, you will lose interest as he is chasing you (you don't want that) 16 Don't flood facebook and other social media with selfies pics Be yourself Only boys take that seriously

I do all of that but instead of having the guy be my boyfriend he s my best friend/ constant flirtation help anyone?

@olivia_jones_99 😂😂😂

When my husband and I were still dating, he told me the major thing he appreciates in our relationship is that he doesn't have to play any roles and just be himself. And it was mutual.

☺️ very wise

Love the jealousy read!

It's quite difficult if he's married and so are you...

Great facts and fun article

Oh really

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