7 Subtle Hints That Will Get Your Crush to Ask You out ...


7 Subtle Hints That Will Get Your Crush to Ask You out ...
7 Subtle Hints That Will Get Your Crush to Ask You out ...

Now, I know there are a ton of 'get your crush to ask you out' articles and posts out there, but I can tell you for sure, this is one of the fool-proof posts. Follow along on this 'get your crush to ask you out' post and you won't ever have to wonder if he is into you again! Now, a lot of these hints are subtle; you can't seem too desperate and you definitely don't want to come off as really being into them … as you want them to work a little to find out your secrets!

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Steer the Conversation to Common Ground

Whenever you two are talking, one important way to get your crush to ask you out is all about how you steer the conversation. You want it to seem (or maybe it actually is!) that you two have a ton in common and you want to highlight that. As soon as they realize that you'd be cool to go out to the hobby store with him or head to the city to walk around, they wouldn't be able to help asking you out!


Be Funny

Everyone loves someone that is funny! Now, you don't want to be the sarcastic funny that is constantly making fun of your crush, but being humorous, being witty and poking a little fun at your crush will break the ice and will truly make sure that you two are bonding.


Don't Overdo It

Remember though, you don't want to overdo anything and you don't want to come off as super desperate. You aren't, remember that! Just remember, they need to like you for you (which is my next point!) and if you overdo anything, it isn't going to be you doing it.


Be Yourself

Being yourself is honestly one of the biggest components of getting your crush to ask you out. After all, he or she has to like you for you right? If you pretend to be into things that your crush is into or pretend to be interested in what they are talking about, why try to go out with them?


Don't Reveal Too Much

There should be a bit of a mystery to you; you don't want to reveal too much and you certainly don't want to give away everything. Hold some things about yourself close to you and when you go on the date, that's when you can reveal a lot more!


Flirt with Them

Flirting is totally something that a lot of people underestimate, but you've got to flirt with your crush to at least let them know that you are interested in them! Flirting is also a great way to open a heck of a lot of doors. So, compliment your crush, draw them in with your flirting and really work on them to get them to ask you out!


Flirting is a powerful tool when it comes to getting your crush to ask you out. It not only shows your interest in them, but it also creates a playful and alluring dynamic between the two of you. Complimenting your crush and using body language such as playful touches or eye contact can help draw them in and make them more likely to ask you out. Additionally, flirting can help build a strong connection and chemistry, making it easier for your crush to take the next step and ask you out. So don't underestimate the power of flirting in getting your crush to make a move!


Your Attitude Matters

Finally, your attitude is something that does matter. If you have a really bad attitude when you are trying to get your crush to ask you out, most likely they aren't going to take the bait. So, be positive and give off some good vibes girls and boys!

These are some of my top ways to get a crush to ask you out! Do you have any more ways to get your crush to ask you out? What ways worked for you?

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Help: So my best friend is also my roommate, her bf has recently been inviting me to hang out with them more and I've gotten to know some of his friends. He has a friend that I'm really interested in but I don't know how to make myself noticeable because whenever we all hang out it's in a group or party setting. Point is how do I get my bestfriends boyfriends friend? Hahaha #suggestion

ok so theres this guy i like at school snd hes a couple years older than me, ive talked to him onceso far and he watches me like all the time which makes me blush lol,but im trying to get advice on how/what to say to get get know him and how to approach him cause we both get to school really early before our friends but im really shy

Ok so this guy is like my best friend we talk everyday but I usually text him first. He knows I like him but he has a girlfriend..help me please

I'm funny, laid back, and always try to be myself but when it comes to talking to guys I freeze...do I go for it or not because I'm pretty certain he likes another girl.

There is a guy who lives across the hall from me... I see him sometimes in the parkinglot and I have found out a few things about him thru the grape vine, and he seems great! I think we would get along perfectly. Normally I don't get shy with guys but I have no idea how to start talking to him! Idk if he even knows who I am! I need an excuse to knock on his door to borrow something but what do I ask for? And then what?

Hey... I Have a problem. Okay so there's this guy... He is my one and only... But guess what... he is from a different school... I cant believe it. I'm going to see him tomorrow but i don't know what to say theses tips are good but i don't know how o pull it off. But as i said before he is from the other side of town but year we will be going to the same school... What what should i do!!!!!!!!

It's this boy at school that I like and his name is Anthony and he does not like but I want to get him to like me help please

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