Little Changes Your Man Will Show if He's Cheating on You ...


Little Changes Your Man Will Show if He's Cheating on You ...
Little Changes Your Man Will Show if He's Cheating on You ...

Unfortunately, people are capable of some pretty crummy things. That's why you should always keep your eyes open for red flags in relationships to avoid getting your heart broken. When you let your guard down, that's when it's the easiest to get hurt. If you're worried that your man might be cheating on you, here are a few little changes that suggest that you're correct:

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His Phone is Always on Airplane Mode

The way that your boyfriend treats his phone can be a big indicator of how loyal he is. If he won't let you touch it, even though he hasn't had a problem with you using it in the past, then he's keeping something a secret. You should also be concerned if he suddenly adds a lock screen to his phone, or if he puts his cell on airplane mode when you're together to avoid receiving text messages.


Airplane mode could be his way of ensuring no unexpected notifications pop up that could incriminate him. It's a precaution that hints he may have conversations he doesn't want you to see. Besides, if his phone suddenly goes from being a shared device to a top-secret vault, that's a red flag. Lack of transparency, especially when it was once there, is concerning. Trust your intuition and look for patterns. If he’s protective over his phone to the point of secrecy, there might be more to his behavior than meets the eye.


He Styles His Hair Differently

You shouldn't automatically accuse your man of cheating, just because he took a trip to the barber shop. However, if he changes his hair, changes his cologne, and changes his style of clothing all at once, he might be trying to impress another lady.


He Takes Forever to Text Back

If your boyfriend usually answers your messages in five minutes, but it's suddenly taking him hours, he might not think of you as a priority anymore. Even worse, he might be out and about with other people, so he's too busy to look at his phone to check his messages.


He Accuses You of Cheating

Some cheaters aren't born to cheat. Instead of enjoying their unfaithfulness, they'll become super paranoid. When that happens, your boyfriend will end up accusing you of cheating, even though you've done nothing to make him worry. He's just trying to place the blame on you, so he doesn't have to carry it all on his shoulders.


He Doesn't Kiss You Often

If your boyfriend stopped showing you affection or sleeping with you, for seemingly no reason, then he could be cheating. After all, if he's getting his kisses elsewhere, then he won't be eager to get them when he sees you. If he's not sick or depressed, then a sudden drop in affection is a huge red flag.


Physical intimacy is a crucial component of many romantic relationships, acting as a barometer for closeness and connection. When he starts withholding those intimate moments, it could indicate that his affections are being directed elsewhere. It's not just about the quantity of kisses, but also their quality. If they suddenly feel perfunctory or passionless, listen to what your instincts are telling you. Emotional detachment often accompanies a stark decrease in physical closeness, so trust your feelings if you sense something is amiss. Keep an eye out for him being particularly avoidant or distant when you attempt to initiate affection.


He Hangs out with Friends You've Never Heard of

If you've been with your boyfriend for a while, then you've probably met all of his friends. If he suddenly tells you that he can't hang out with you, because he's hanging out with "George," and it's a name you've never heard before, you should be concerned. He might be making up "George" in order to have an excuse that'll allow him to cheat.


He Stops Saying “I Love You”

If your man used to tell you how much he loved you every single day, but now he won't return the phrase after you say it to him, then he might be having second thoughts about your relationship. If he really loved you, then he wouldn't hesitate to scream if from the rooftops.

If your man only does one of these things, you shouldn't be worried. However, if he gives you multiple reasons to believe that he's cheating, you should sit him down to have a serious chat. Have you ever been cheated on?

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No, I haven't. Cheating is an awful thing to do. If you are not in love anyone, get out instead of hurting him or her.

Oh yeah so true the truth always comes out.

Not true. My boyfriend did it all ( allowed me to look at his phone. Smart one would delete his calls list and text messages from his women) he d not stop say how much he loves me he would rather spend time with me than friends . Sign he is cheating is when is extra all that. Loving compassionate giving a helping hand clingy ! That is time to say "this is too much love dicey what is going on ?" Sure enough he was cheating. Not with one but more ! He is narcissist !

I've been living with a guy for 3 years, sleeping in the same bed every night, going on vacation etc we even bought an apartment together. He never wanted to consider me as his girlfriend, I was cool with it (even though I never understood) then one night, while I was sleeping next to him, he went through my Facebook friend's list and hit on one of my friends. I felt so hurt when I found out...what human being would do this? Why purposely hit on my friend? When I confronted him, he said our relationship was never serious and we were just friends with benefits, I should have gotten the message. Never felt so betrayed in my entire life...was I just a fool?

So true.... I have gone through this and there's nothing worse then your guy cheating

@ Chantal it's his loss. You deserve somebody who loves you for who you are

Last weekend I found out my boyfriend of two months had a girlfriend of two and a half years..

@heyy123 You're first clue was he never announced you as his girlfriend. Then you never clarified what he felt about you. He would've gotten his ass beat

How can you have a chat with him without exploding and accusing all at the same time?

Sorry to all the stories of heartbreak Ladies! Like Peony said its an eye opener and we can only try and become stronger from this. I don't understand why Men must do this and what kind of woman continues to happily play 2nd? Especially when you knows he is already involved! So frustrating.

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