17 Items Sexually Active Women Need in Their Life ...


17 Items Sexually Active Women Need in Their Life ...
17 Items Sexually Active Women Need in Their Life ...

If you've been having sex, you have a few responsibilities. You need to protect your body and keep it happy. To do that, here are a few items every sexually active woman should own:

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Condoms You cant trust your boyfriend to bring condoms over. You should have a secret stash of them, just in case he runs out. That way, you can stay safe.


Always be prepared. Think of your condom cache as a necessary part of your self-care routine. It's about taking charge of your health and pleasure. Opt for a variety of types—lubricated, ribbed, ultra-thin—so you're ready for any situation. Remember, it's not just for preventing pregnancy, but also protecting you from STIs. Being proactive means ensuring that passion doesn’t cloud your judgement. And let’s be honest, it can be empowering when you whip out that little packet, because it shows you're responsible and you mean business. Safe sex is sexy, ladies. Own it.


Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills If you've been having sex, you should ask your doctor about the pill. It'll prevent unwanted pregnancies, and it's always better to be safe than to be sorry.



Vibrator Your boyfriend isn't the only one who can make you orgasm. You can do it yourself when he's not around. Of course, you don't have to use your hands. You can use a toy instead.


There's a plethora of options out there, from discreet bullet vibes to extravagant, multi-functional devices that can cater to every preference. Investing in a quality vibrator can teach you about your body and what you enjoy, making solo play or time with your partner even better. Plus, they're not just for solo sessions; integrating toys into partnered sex can add an extra layer of excitement and intimacy. Remember, there's no shame in seeking out a little battery-powered help to reach new heights of pleasure.



Dildo This is another toy that you should have hidden somewhere in your room. It'll keep you occupied on lonely nights, when your boyfriend is too busy to stop by for a visit.


Dildos are a great way to explore your own sexuality and spice up your bedroom activities. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can find one that works best for you. Dildos are also great for solo play, as they can provide stimulation to all the right places. With a wide range of vibration settings, a dildo can give you the perfect amount of pleasure. They are also great for couples, as they can help to add some extra excitement to the bedroom. Dildos are a great way to explore your own body and pleasure yourself in a safe and comfortable way.



Lube You need to be wet enough down there to have sex. If you're naturally pretty dry, even when you're turned on, then you should be using lube during sex. It'll make the experience more comfortable for you.


Lube is essential for any sexually active woman. It helps to reduce friction and make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. It can also help to increase pleasure and reduce the risk of pain and discomfort. Lube can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, and it can also be used with sex toys. It is important to choose a lube that is compatible with the materials of the sex toy, as some lubes can cause damage to certain materials. Lube can also be used to make it easier to insert a tampon or menstrual cup. Additionally, lube can help to make condoms more comfortable and can also help to reduce the risk of the condom breaking.



Lingerie Your boyfriend is going to love looking at you in a lacy little number. Of course, the lingerie isn't just for him. It's going to make you feel more powerful than ever before!


Feeling empowered and sexy starts with the intimate layers you choose for yourself. Lingerie is as much a personal delight as it is a visual treat for your partner. Slip into that silk or satin and allow yourself the pleasure of exquisite comfort and confidence. It's not just an item of clothing; it's a transformative experience that enhances your own sensuality. Whether it's a bralette, a teddy, or something more daring, remember that every curve is to be celebrated. This simple act of self-adornment is a reminder that your femininity is a source of strength and beauty.


Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test If you're sexually active, there's always a chance that you'll become pregnant. You should probably have some tests on hand, just in case your period is late one month.


Gynecologist's Phone Number

Gynecologist's Phone Number If you're sexually active, you should be making annual visits to a gynecologist's office. It'll help you keep your body healthy.



Mace If you've been having casual sex, you have to be careful. If you end up going home with a creep, you can use your mace to protect yourself.


Mace is not just a last-resort item—it's empowerment in your purse. A quick spray can buy you precious seconds to escape a dangerous situation. Always check the expiration date and test it periodically to ensure it's working. It's legal in most places, but double-check your local laws to avoid any legal trouble. Remember, your safety is paramount, and having mace on hand is a savvy move—not a sign of paranoia. It's like a little insurance policy giving you peace of mind when you're out living your fabulous life.


Erotic Novel

Erotic Novel Keep a book around to help you get turned on. It'll work like a charm.


Erotic novels can be a great way to get in the mood for a romantic night. They can help to set the tone and provide some ideas for activities. Erotic novels can also be a great way to explore fantasies and get to know your partner on a deeper level. Reading an erotic novel together can be a great way to connect and get to know each other's desires. They can also help to increase your libido and provide a spark to reignite the flame in an existing relationship. Erotic novels can be a great way to spice up your sex life.



Porn Hey, if men can own it, then women can own it, too. There's nothing wrong with it.


Absolutely! Embracing your sexuality includes being open about your desires and what turns you on. Consuming adult content can be a part of your sexual wellbeing, as long as it's enjoyed responsibly and consensually. Just like any other item on this list, it serves a purpose for your pleasure and self-discovery. Remember, what's important is your comfort and safety, so ensure you're engaging with sources that respect those values. Own your choices, and never feel ashamed for doing what feels right for you. After all, sexual empowerment is about owning all facets of your sexuality.


Matching Underwear

Matching Underwear You're going to feel your best when you're wearing matching underwear. That's why you should always have a few sets that go with each other.


Having coordinated intimates is more than a confidence booster; it's a way to celebrate your body and own your sexuality. Whether it's lace or cotton, bold and vivid or soft and subtle, these pairs are your secret armor. Take the time to indulge in lingerie shopping that accentuates your curves and complements your skin tone. Remember, it's not just about looking good for someone else; it's about feeling irresistible in your skin. There's something undeniably empowering about having that beautiful set on, even if no one else knows it's there.


Sexy Perfume

Sexy Perfume You need a secret weapon to turn your man on in a hurry. A delicious perfume will do the trick.


Finding the right scent can be a game-changer in the bedroom. Go for fragrances with aphrodisiac properties like vanilla, jasmine, or sandalwood to stir the senses. A dab on your pulse points can make all the difference, and don't forget a little behind your ears for when he leans in close. It leaves a tantalizing trail that's subtle yet irresistible. Remember, the key is to entice, not overwhelm, so a light spritz is all you need to make an unforgettable impression.



Razor You don't have to shave every inch of your body, but you should try to keep your hair groomed down below. You don't want it to get too overgrown.


Maintaining a well-groomed bikini area can boost your confidence and ensure comfort during your most intimate moments. Opt for a quality razor that's gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs. Whether you prefer a sleek and smooth feel or to simply trim and tidy up, a razor that caters to the sensitive nature of your skin is a must-have. Remember to replace blades regularly for optimum performance and a closer, cleaner shave. Pair with a soothing shaving gel or cream to keep your skin silky and irresistible.


Uti Test

Uti Test If you get a UTI, sex is going to hurt a whole lot. That's why you should have at-home tests to check for them. All you have to do is pee on them, just like pregnancy tests.



Lotion This will keep your skin soft. That way, when your man touches it, you won't have to worry about bumps and dry skin. It'll help raise your confidence.



Mints You don't want your boyfriend to smell your stinky breath when he leans in to kiss you. That's why you should always have some mints in your pocket, just in case of emergency.

If you don't own these items already, you should go out and buy them. What other items do you think sexually active women should own?

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What's a mace?

I feel kind of insecure when I'm about to have sex,what can I do?

Mace really? 😂😂😂😂

#9 Vilence is never the answer. These are bad morals.

#4 LOL you said Dildo smirk I first foound out what that was from the double headed dildo in GTA SA you can use as a weapon

What's a mace?😂

Learn to embrace your body and learn to love what you have @Mimi Monae T

Quick comment, did anyone else notice this never mentioned anything toward women who are into women... only said boyfriend

This is why you get to know someone instead of being a ho

Don't over think it. Just enjoy it. You are beautiful , and the person who wants to have sex with you loves it. Or else they wouldn't be sleeping with you. 😉

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