7 Little Ways to Say "I'm Sorry" to Your Better Half ...


In every relationship, whether it’s with your friends, parents, children or especially with your loved one, it’s very important to learn different ways to say I’m sorry when you make a mistake. By doing this in a proper way, you’ll feel better about yourself by receiving forgiveness from the ones close to you. Everybody makes mistakes now and then; the important thing is to realize you did something wrong and to try to fix it. There are a lot of very creative ways to say I’m sorry to your better half but I only chose a few I thought were more efficient. So, here goes:

1. Surprise Them

Surprise Them

One of the most fun and efficient ways to say I’m sorry to your better half is by surprising them when they least expect it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming surprise, it can be just a simple little thing by which you’ll show them you are really sorry for what you did and how much they mean to you. Don’t panic if you didn’t get their forgiveness from the first try, just persevere and be patient.

A Poem


What kind of person does that? "I'm sorry baby, let me give away out money to charity!" Nooooo onnnnnne....
Kris Buen
The apology ticket is a creative way to ease up whatever tension u have from your other half. Smart. And the pug looks so cute!
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