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Really great sex depends on not just give and take, but a real desire to drive your partner absolutely wild – and vice versa, too. When the two of you are keen to make each other squeal, squirm, and scream, the sex is magical! You want you sex game to really sizzle, you want to make things pop hotter every time, and that is awesome – but you might need a few tips, ideas, or techniques to get you started!

1. Best Kiss out There

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Never underestimate the power of the perfect kiss. Of course, that differs from person to person and partner to partner, but there are a few techniques that usually go over VERY well! For one thing, don't try to choke anybody with your tongue. Don't stab them with it, either, and just really avoid being too overzealous in general. Sometimes less is more. Try teasing instead, with gentle nips and brushes of your lips.

Go for the Ear


Stacie Hemenway
Lightly rub his back up and down barely touching while sucking on his neck but usuallly the spot on the neck that drives them crazy is the spot between the shoulder blade and the center of the neck
If you really want him to get all the nibbling, soft kissing and soft touching then pull away for a second. You'll get a feel of how much the foreplay affected him. 😈😈
Thanh TΓΊ
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