Science Says Emoji Users Have More Sex ...


Science Says Emoji Users Have More Sex ...
Science Says Emoji Users Have More Sex ...

Research and surveys have found that people 🚸 who use emojis have more sex. That includes people 🚻 at all ages, from women 🎎 in their 20s to those in their 50s. Why, you ask? More studies are needed, but preliminary data πŸ“Š shows that people 🚸 who are open 🈳 to using emojis to communicate are also willing to communicate in other ways. Good πŸ‘ communication βœ‰οΈ promotes healthy πŸ“ relationships and a healthy 🍠 intimate relationship πŸ‘­ means more sex. Shocked? Here 🈁 are some other wacky πŸ˜‹ facts about sex that you might not know.

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Lots of Mouth πŸ‘„ Bacteria

Sex usually includes kissing πŸ‘„ and that means you and your partner could be exchanging at least 500 types of bacteria. Not to worry 😟 - most of them are harmless so try not to think about it when things get hot β˜€οΈ and heavy.


Ovulation = Cheating

Science πŸ”¬ shows that when a woman πŸ‘© is ovulating, she may be more likely to cheat. That's because ovulation is designed to expand the species and that makes women 🎎 open πŸ”“ to a relationship πŸ‘­ that could produce viable offspring. That doesn't mean you're going to stray, but it's an interesting fact, don't you think?


Shaving Increases Risk of STDs

Here's a little fact you might not know - your pubic hair πŸ’‡ is there to keep germs, bacteria and other icky stuff out of your body. When you shave it all off, you might feel sexier, but without the trappings of hair, experts say you're more prone to STDs because your first line of defense isn't there to protect you. Think about that next time πŸ•› you're tempted to get a Brazilian.


Lying in Bed

And I don't mean lying down. Research shows that adults tell more lies in bed than anywhere else. Not sure why that is, but researchers have found that people 🚸 in bed, naked or otherwise, are much more likely to tell lies. Need to have a serious talk ☎️ with your mate. You're probably better off doing so outside the bedroom.


Male 🚹 Cyclists May Become Impotent

This is something to consider if your man is a big time biker. Riding a bicycle 🚡 all the time in those tight shorts places pressure on the testicles, which can inhibit healthy sperm production. Ask your guy πŸ‘€ to consider mixing things up and doing a different workout from time to time and you'll both be happier now and in the future.


Orgasm = Pregnancy

Don't freak out! It's not a done deal. However, the female πŸ‘© orgasm is designed to help you get pregnant. All that pulsating helps sperm get where it needs to be - which is near an egg so that it can fertilize. I hope that doesn't take the joy ☺️ out of your orgasms.


Left πŸ‘ˆ Testicles Lower ⬇️ than Right

For some reason, the majority of men πŸ‘₯ have a left testicle that hangs a bit lower ⬇️ than the right. Go ahead - put it to the test. Who knows what you'll find out. Don't worry - this anomaly isn't likely anything to be concerned 😳 about. It's just a male πŸ‘¨ quirk that may make you love 😚 them even more.

Which of these facts stunned 😦 you the most? What other crazy 😜 things can you share?

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