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The BIG Differences between Just Having Sex and Actually Making Love ...

By Emily

Intimacy is one of the greatest things we can experience in our lives. A part of this intimacy is physical. When it comes to sex, there can be more than just the act itself – it can be a way to express a deep connection between two people. We’ve found a few things that can show this.

1 Eye Contact👀

black, white, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, It may seem weird to think about eye contact during sex, but this is actually a great sign of trust between two people. Getting distracted by each other in the heat of the moment happens. But if you gaze at each other a lot, you’re creating an emotional connection.

2 The Setting

darkness, RNA., Let’s say things get heated in the backseat of a car🚗 - there’s no real time for romance and slowing it down, because you might get caught. This would fall into the sex category. If there’s a room full of lit candles and rose petals, there’s more time and thought involved.

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3 Types of Kisses💋

black, black and white, person, man, monochrome photography, Not all kisses always mean the same thing. But if two people are really taking their time when it comes to kissing, it can be a sign of lovemaking. Delicate and purposefully placed kisses are indicators of this as well.

4 The Touch🤗

white, black, black and white, human positions, photography, This point is one that kind of goes along with kissing. It’s not so much as where as how. Taking the time to gentle run fingertips across skin and admire one another can be a sign of making love.

5 Conversation💬

human action, person, romance, interaction, emotion, If during sex one or both parties are dishing out dirty words, it leans away from being in the lovemaking category. If words are soft and about how much you love each other, then it might be one of those moments.

6 Speed⏰

black, black and white, white, photograph, darkness, A quickie is just that: a fast and rushed experience to give you pleasure quickly. If two people are unconcerned with how long it takes and stop to savor the moments, then it’s making love.

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7 The Relationship👫

black and white, black, person, monochrome photography, monochrome, Most of the time (but not ALL), the status of your relationship with the person can help determine if its sex or making love. A casual relationship involves more sex than a long term romantic relationship might. But it can go either way.

Regardless of the intercourse you have, both sex and making love are great. You don’t have to be in love to “make love.” And, you can definitely have sex with someone that you deeply love. It all depends on how you’re feeling and what you’re in the mood for! If you have any other thoughts, leave a comment!

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