7 Top Tips for Those Who Want to Be More Thoughtful 😊 in the Bedroom πŸ›Œ ...

There’s no reason to let sex get same-y. And you don’t also have to go OTT to add a bit of spice. Changing up your routine can be done in a few simple ways that don’t involve either of you feeling uncomfortable or weird. If you want to show how much you care and increase your bond by being more thoughtful in the bedroom, here’s what to try.

1. Take Your Time during Foreplay

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If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it is often common for the foreplay side of your love making to take a bit of a nose dive. Put a spark back in to your sex life by going back to basics and getting really involved in everything leading up to actual sex. Sometimes foreplay can be even more pleasurable than straight forward sex.

2. Share Your Fantasies with Your Partner

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If things have gotten a little stale in the bedroom, an easy way to spice things back up is to share with one another the kinds of fantasies that really turn you on. They can be as basic or as crazy as you want. It’s the sharing and the discussing that gets the juices flowing, and it can certainly lead to more role play opportunities!

3. Enhance Your Senses by Wearing a Blindfold

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Whether you use an actual blindfold or create a makeshift one, the principle remains the same! Taking away the practicality of one sense, sight, enhances others, like touch, for example, and an enhanced sense of touch during a passionate love making session with your partner can only ever be a good thing! It is also fun to try out different dynamics, like taking control by blindfolding him and doing exactly what you want!

4. Learn Some Tantric Massage

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Some people only associate the word tantric with Sting and his infamous connection with the sexual practice, but tantric sex and tantric massage isn’t just for the rich and famous! Do a little reading and then experiment with your partner in the bedroom to see if the tips and tricks you discover really can help to intensify feelings of pleasure and increase and lengthen the effect of your orgasm!

5. Buy Some Toys That You Can Share

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Sex toys aren’t just for the single female; there is a whole range of toys that are dedicated to bringing couples closer together and giving them joint pleasure. Take a look at any popular sex toy website and your mind will be filled with possibilities for fun times with your partner, perhaps opening your eyes to things that you have never even thought about before!

6. Throw in Some Edible Massage Oil

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Make the experience even more fun and interactive by introducing some edible massage oil to the party. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of a massage, tantric or otherwise, while being able to get your lips and your tongue in on the action! Being able to pleasure your partner with both your hands and your mouth at the same time takes the intimacy to whole other level!

7. Indulge in a Spot of Role Play

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Sometimes it can be fun and exhilarating to break out of your normal, everyday selves and pretend to be other people with other personality traits. Of course, there are the classic role play situations like doctors and nurses, but the real fun of role play is that you can tailor it to the specific fantasies and desires of you and your partner.

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