10 Morning Routine Tips for Couples Who Want a Sexier Start of the Day ...


10 Morning Routine Tips for Couples Who Want a Sexier Start of the Day ...
10 Morning Routine Tips for Couples Who Want a Sexier Start of the Day ...

There are tons of ways that you can wake up with your partner but – if you want to start sexy, you might not know how. Starting your day out sexy or even having sex takes some work. I know that when I get up, I'm tired still and maybe even a little cranky. So, put aside some of those feelings some times and see if you and your partner can wake up just a little sexier – I promise girls, it'll put you in a good mood!

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Shower Together, Stay Together

black and white, black, photograph, image, person, I have friends that do this every single morning and they love it. Sometimes, this is the best time of their day and they actually really love it. It is a time for them to connect, a time for them to really tell each other about their day and it's their moments that they will remember forever.


All the Breakfasts Each Morning

clothing, person, woman, bride, dress, Do you eat breakfast with your SO? I know that I don't but I think if I did, it would make a difference. Seriously girls, how often are you able to just slow down for a little while and really, really just take your time to talk with your partner over breakfast? The weekends I think are the best for this.


Check in Throughout the Day

red, person, photography, singing, photo shoot, Find the form that you want to check in, is it texting? Calling? Maybe it's shooting off a Snapchat though out the day just to make your boy or girl smile. Really, keep in mind that you should be checking in at least once, that way you can judge how your moods are and what you've been doing.


A Meaningful Compliment

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, darkness, film noir, How often do you compliment each other? How often are they meaningful? Throughout the day, just shoot off a 'you're sexy' or 'you make my day', I promise that it'll go a very, very long way. I do that every once in a while to my wife and it really brightens her day and makes her feel so special.


Sweet, Sweet Post-its Go a Long Way

black and white, finger, hand, arm, monochrome photography, My wife does this one a lot. She'll pack my lunch for the day and she'll slip a little love note in there. When I find it, it makes my day and makes me so happy. She's also cut my strawberries into hearts and it is so adorable! People get so jealous.


Cuddle Time in the Morning is Important

black and white, person, man, monochrome photography, monochrome, I do this on the weekends and it is so so much fun. Just take some time, don't get up early and connect with each other. Cuddling, talking, it's all important in the morning! Girls, this is your time to get to know your boy or girl and to really shoot the shit with them. You can also move right into #8 from cuddling.


Drop All Kinds of Hints for the Evening

New York Central System, New York Central System, NEW, YORK, CENTRAL, If you are apart in the morning, drop hints throughout the day about what the evening is going to hold. Yep, I do this once in a while and really let her know what plans I have it and amps up the anticipation.


Sex Always Helps

black, white, black and white, person, image, Of course, sex is always a staple in the morning. Me? I love it. It starts my day off right and I'm in a glowing, good mood the entire day. You need to time this one, especially if it is on a weekday morning, so keep that in mind!


Starting your morning with some intimate time can have lingering effects that carry through your entire schedule. It not only strengthens your emotional bond but can actually be great for your health. Oxytocin, the love hormone released during sex, reduces stress and fosters a sense of calm and contentment. If you're planning a morning tryst, remember to set your alarm a bit earlier. Rushing can kill the vibe, so you'll want to savor these moments without glancing at the clock. Establish a rhythm that works for you both, this way you're both starting the day with a shared, satisfying experience.


A Kiss Goodbye

human action, person, black and white, kiss, nose, This is huge! You shouldn't leave the house without kissing each other goodbye. Honestly girls, this isn't something that should pass you by, you never, ever know what the day is going to hold. Kiss and hug your loved ones tight.


Dress Each Other

human action, person, black and white, black, human positions, Finally, dress each other. It can be really sexy, almost as sexy as undressing each other. Truth be told, I love when my wife pulls on my dress or helps me into a sweater. I think it's sensual and a little sexy.

So, girls, these are just a couple ways that you can wake up with your partner sexier, what are some of the other ways? What do you do in the morning?

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