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7 Ways You're Crushing Your Man's Feelings without Realizing It ...

By Alicia

You love your guy and you’d never choose to hurt his feelings. But sometimes a girl can hurt her guy’s feelings without even meaning to. It’s usually a result of not understanding what’s hurtful to him like he doesn’t always understand why certain things are hurtful to you. Learning more about how your guy ticks can be helpful.

1 He’s Hurt when You Tease Him in Front of His Friends

person, nose, hairstyle, Your guy may never tell you but it may hurt his feelings when you tease him in front of his friends. He doesn’t want to look inadequate in front of them and your teasing can make him feel that way. You know you aren’t trying to be hurtful. You’re probably just trying to be funny and entertaining. A good way to find out if this bothers him is to watch his face when you tease him in front of his friends or just ask him if it bothers him.

2 Putting His Job or Income down Cuts Deeply

person, screenshot, singing, This’s not a good idea. It’s never good to insult his job or income. Men take a lot of pride in their work. This’s true no matter what his job is. It’s best to keep comments about his job to yourself. Besides, he could have a strong 5 year plan in mind or know that he has opportunities for advancement.

3 He Hates when You Give Him “the Look”

face, person, If you have children then this’s probably the same look you give your children when they’re misbehaving. It’s a look that clearly says you disapprove of what he’s saying or doing. It can seem harmless to us as women but men don’t feel that way. It’s something they can actually be very hurt from. While you can’t tiptoe around his feelings, it’s good to avoid hurting them when you can just like you want him to avoid doing things you find hurtful.

4 Your Body Language Can Be Hurtful

red, person, lady, beauty, singing, Most guys aren’t as verbal about feelings as girls are. Therefore, they read a lot into how you’re feeling by your body language. When you roll your eyes or shake your head, they take that personally. It can hurt their feelings. Some of this can be really surprising to learn about because it’s not that big of a deal to us.

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5 Questioning His Ability to do Something Hurts His Pride

hair, person, muscle, sense, Your guy wants you to think he can do anything. Your doubt in his abilities is hurtful. It’s true that the things that hurt your feelings are very different than his and that makes it even harder to understand. If you’re feeling unsure about these things, have a conversation with your guy about them. It can be really eye-opening.

6 Relying on Someone else’s Expertise is Insulting

speech, screenshot, official, If you rely on someone else’s expertise over your man’s, that can hurt him. As a general rule, he wants to take the first crack at repairing something or figuring something out. If it’s not something he can do, he’ll tell you. To put it simply, he wants the chance to be your hero. Giving him that opportunity will make him happy.

7 Not Having Faith in Him is Hurtful

human action, facial expression, face, nose, person, This may be the thing that hurts a guy’s feelings the most. Your guy needs you to have faith in him and his abilities. When he feels you don’t, it’s very hurtful. Your confidence in him means everything. Even when you’re having your doubts about him doing something, it’s a good idea not to tell him that.

These’re 7 things that can be hurtful to your guy. What’re your thoughts on these examples? I’d love to hear what you, or your guy, think about this subject.

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