10 Things to Never 🚫 Talk about πŸ”‡ when You're on a First Date 🀝 ...

First dates are fun and exciting! There’s the newness of a fresh relationship and so many possibilities about what could be. But you want to be careful of what you talk about on a first date. There’re some subjects that you’re better off not discussing until you’re in a committed relationship. Keep it light and casual by avoiding these 7 subjects on a first date.

1. Your Ex

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You may have an ex to top all over exes. And no doubt you have some stories to tell about him and the crazy relationship you had. Your first date with a new guy is not the time to do that. If you end up in a committed relationship from this first date then you might consider sharing some things about your ex if you feel it’s appropriate. Until then, focus on getting to know about each other.

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