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Don't Let Him in Your Pants if He Does These 17 Things ...

By Holly

You shouldn't sleep with a man, unless he treats you with respect. Otherwise, he can use his own two hands to take care of himself, because he doesn't deserve your body. No matter how much you like him, you shouldn't let him in your pants if he does any of these things:

1 Pressures You

Pressures You He shouldn't push you to sleep with him before you're ready. If he really likes you, then he'll respect your decision to wait, no matter how long it takes.

2 Doesn’t Want the Same Things as You do

Doesn’t Want the Same Things as You do If he's only looking for a one-night stand, but you want to enter a serious relationship, then you shouldn't sleep with him. Otherwise, you're going to end up heartbroken.

3 Already Has a Girlfriend

Already Has a Girlfriend It doesn't matter if he swears he's going to break up with her. Don't sleep with him until she's actually in his past.

4 Has an STD

Has an STD You don't want an STD. If he tells you that he has one, then you should either find someone new to sleep with, or study up on the disease to see how it's treated and spread.

5 Only Talks to You when He Wants Sex

Only Talks to You when He Wants Sex You're more than a body. That means he should be happy to talk to you, even when you're on your period and refuse to have sex.

6 Lies to You

person, musician, singing, guitarist, singer, If he lies to you about his job or his hobbies, then what's stopping him from lying about how many women he's slept with or if he has an STD? You can't trust someone who's comfortable lying to you.

7 Gets You Drunk

Gets You Drunk You can't consent to sex if you're drunk. If he buys you drinks in the hopes of getting you "loose," then he has questionable morals.

8 Won’t Tell You Anything about Him

Won’t Tell You Anything about Him If he won't tell you where he lives or what his real name is, then he doesn't want you to become his girlfriend. He only wants one night of sex.

9 Doesn’t Ask for Your Consent

Doesn’t Ask for Your Consent He shouldn't make a move on you until he has your consent. If he crosses the line, then you can cross him off of your to-do list.

10 Blackmails You

Blackmails You If he threatens to leak your nudes, you don't need him. If he actually goes through with it, then no other girl will date him, so he's only hurting himself.

11 Won’t Agree to Date You

Won’t Agree to Date You If he won't call you his girlfriend, then don't take your clothes off for him. He shouldn't get what he wants if he won't give you what you want.

12 Never Texts You Back

Never Texts You Back If he can't take two seconds to reply to you, then he definitely doesn't deserve to see your beautiful body.

13 Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Makes You Feel Uncomfortable You shouldn't sleep with him, unless you feel at ease with him. Sex isn't meant to be scary.

14 Flirts with Everyone He Sees

Flirts with Everyone He Sees He should respect you enough to be loyal to you. If he flirts with other girls, or sleeps with other girls, then you should kick him to the curb.

15 Tells Everyone about His Sex Life

Tells Everyone about His Sex Life He shouldn't tell his friends personal information about you. He should keep his lips sealed if he respects you.

16 Physically Hurts You

Physically Hurts You If he slaps you or hurts you in any other way, get away from him as quickly as you can. Call the cops if you have to.

17 Calls You by the Wrong Name

Calls You by the Wrong Name If he calls you by the wrong name, then he's obviously sleeping with multiple women at once. That means you should leave him to find someone who wants you and only you.

Don't let a man in your pants if he does any of these things, because you deserve much better. Has a man ever done any of these unacceptable things to you?

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