7 One Night Stand Tips You Should Know ...


7 One Night Stand Tips You Should Know ...
7 One Night Stand Tips You Should Know ...

One Night Stand Tips come in handy in a variety of situations. However, I need to clear something up right now: these one night stand tips are detailing how you can have one, precisely, but rather how you can cope. I won’t say one night stands happen to all of us, but they do happen to a lot of us, and I want to go on record saying this, too: you don’t have to feel ashamed of yourself. Even if you initially feel shame, just realize that this happens to a lot of girls, some purposely and some accidentally, so you aren’t alone and you don’t need to feel sick, sorry, and ashamed. Don’t believe me? Then see what you think about reading these fantastic one night stand tips.

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Don’t Creep

The numero uno one night stand tip is this: don’t go looking for a one night stand when you’re in a relationship. If you’ve got an open relationship, that’s one thing, but if you and your partner are monogamous, then this is just bad business. Don’t put yourself in the kind of situation where you could make a big mistake.


Know Your Intentions – an Important One Night Stand Tip

When you’re going out, know what you’re after. If you don’t think you could handle a one night stand, even if it’s on accident, then again, don’t put yourself in a bad situation. Typically, there’s a bit of premeditation and planning involved when a girl ends up in a one nighter situation, so have your intentions straight when you leave the house.


Be Safe

This goes without saying – or at least it should. It’s the most essential one night stand tip you’ll ever be given. Carry protection with you at all times. Whether you’re on the pill or another form of birth control or not, keep condoms with you at all times. It’s not “the guy’s job,” that’s an archaic point of view in this day – and since some of them still seem to think that birth control is “the woman’s job,” you need to be prepared.


Stay in Touch

When you’re going home with someone you don’t know, or having someone come home with you, make sure that your most trusted friends know what’s happening. Tell them the time, the location, and even the guy’s name if that makes you feel more comfortable. That way, just in case, someone you trust will know what’s up.


Be Open

You don’t want to tell the whole world about your night, sure, but a crucial one night stand tip is to talk about it the next day. Again, do this with the friend or friends you trust most, or even with your therapist. If you’re feeling bad or ashamed about what happened, this is doubly important.


Act Smart

If you want to avoid potential one night stands altogether, there are several things you can do. For instance, pay close attention to how much you drink, and try not to drink too much. Pay attention, too, to your drink itself and don’t leave it unattended.


Don’t Feel Ashamed

This one night stand tip is so important, it bears repeating. Having a one night stand does not make you loose or easy or slutty. Even if you indulge in this kind of thing often, if you’re comfortable with it and you practice safe sex, choose your partners wisely, and take the precautions necessary to keep yourself safe, then it’s okay.

I really hope you find these one night stand tips helpful. Sometimes one nighters go right but many times they just go horribly, terribly wrong – and girl, I am with you. I’ve only had one but it was a doozy. These one night stand tips should help you cope while keeping things in their proper perspective. Now, I’ve gifted you with some helpful one night stand tips. So, would y’all be willing to tell me the stories of your worst, favorite, or funniest one nighters?

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Oh and we practiced safe sex !!!

Ummmmmm....yes, you SHOULD feel ashamed! That's just wrong...sick. I can't even believe I clicked on this article to read it because I knew it would end up irritating me. The sin of fornication and adultry is something that should be looked upon with shame...ugh...

I am 26 years old and I had my first one night stand over the weekend while I was away on vacation I have turned down plentyyyyyy of one nighters in my life! But something was different about this one and I honestly feel good about it! I think the best part was I got to know the guy (even though it happened the second night we met) but the conversation and topics we were discussing from the moment we met up until the next day and the night that it happened was awesome. And the funny party is I had no intentions what so ever to do so and when it happened it just happened naturally. He was the most sweetest, intelligent, funny, and gentlemen that I have met in a while! So if it did happen I am glad it was with someone like him. I had a bad break up with someone that I was with for 4 years and I have been feeling so out of myself but after this happened, I felt pretty damn great and didn't know why. Knowing the rules of this I didn't think that I would ever talk to this guy again and I was fine with that but he surprised me by texting me asking me my plans for my last night out there and if anything I can make plans with him. But I didn't and still felt surprised when I received a message from him while I was waiting to board my flight at 5:30 in the am wishing me a great flight and if he ever visits my side of town he will let me know and asked me to save his number and he thanked me for my "NY hospitality". He then sends me a message today letting me know when he wanted to come to NY. He's from Detriot. And honestly even if we don't speak after today I am ok with that because it was an amazing experience and to know that I was wanted because he thought that I was a cool and smart girl and just really enjoyed my company and showed chivalry was enough for me. We will see what happens!

It makes me angry that people would leave a response saying "that is a sin against god". Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs, and just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean they won't have sex before marriage. By saying something is "wrong" or "right" for everyone you make yourself sound ignorant. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and by attempting to force your beliefs (@brittney and princess) you are accomplishing nothing. It may be wrong for you, but don't judge others for something that is right for them.

I would never date a girl who had one night stands. Careless and low.

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