7 Lies about Men That We've All Been Taught ...


7 Lies about Men That We've All Been Taught ...
7 Lies about Men That We've All Been Taught ...

From the time we were children, we’ve been taught multiple lies about men. They can shape our world view and give us a misunderstanding about the opposite gender. Try not to believe everything that you hear. These lies about men have been around for years and many people take them as the truth.

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Mean Men

“He’s mean, because he likes you” is a phrase you probably heard when you were a kid. However, there’s a difference between being mean and teasing you. It’s dangerous to teach children to associate nastiness with affection. They could keep hold of that mindset and end up in a destructive relationship when they’re older. One of the lies about men we’ve all been taught is that it’s okay for them to be mean, because they’re simply hiding their feelings.


Cannot Cry

Men are human beings with the same range of emotions as women. It’s ridiculous to think that real men don’t cry. Everybody cries. There’s nothing wrong with shedding a few tears when he’s feeling stressed or loses someone he loves. Men aren’t robots, even if they pretend that they are. They have just as many feelings as we do.


Manly Moneymaker

Society used to believe that men were supposed to earn money while women stayed at home. Of course, this has changed over the years. Now it’s perfectly acceptable for women to be the moneymakers of the household. There are plenty of stay at home dads who do all of the cooking and the cleaning. They are no longer obligated to be the partner who earns a living for the family.


Purely Powerful

Men may hold more positions of power than women, but neither is more powerful than the other. Women have shown that they are strong enough to fight to earn their rights and to keep them. We live in a time where most people realize that all humans are equal. Gender doesn’t determine how strong a person is. It no longer defines what one is and isn’t capable of.


Sleeping around Town

It’s socially acceptable for men to sleep with multiple women, but not for women to sleep with multiple men. There shouldn’t be a differentiation between the two. If it’s okay for one gender to do something, than it should be okay for the other gender to do the same. You shouldn’t justify one’s promiscuity because they are male or criticize one because they are female. Both genders should be treated equally.


Picking up Tabs

If you like tradition, you probably prefer for your man to pay for your meals. While that’s fine on first dates, you shouldn’t always expect him to pay. Is it fair for one person to always be in charge of picking up the check? To be polite, you can take turns paying or go dutch. Even if he wants to pay, that doesn’t mean he has to.


Make First Move

In the past, men were expected to ask women out on dates. Many people still follow this tradition, but it’s okay to break the rules. Girls can just as easily ask guys out to dinner or the movies. They can make the first move and take charge of the situation. You have the ability to move things forward, so why not?

Don’t believe everything that you hear. Are there any other lies about men that you’ve heard? What are they?

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Number 7 is definitely true

So truuue!

this has made my understanding of men a little clearer in my mind thank you!

I feel that, the whole gender equality thing is waaay out of hand. I believe a woman should act and behave as a woman, not a man. There is a BIG difference when men and women sleep around. Women give birth, so naturally a woman should refrain from sleeping with a lot of partners. I'm afraid you feminist are going to take away, the special qualities that make women, Women. If men are not opening your car door or paying for dinner, Blame the equality person who wrote this blog!

The "make the first move" one is true but it's kind of annoying how much things have seemed to change... At least for me it seems like most guys just sit around and you have to do all of the work to start something with them haha, but it actually sucks soooo

I totally agree with this list, but especially the "sleeping around town" part. As little girls we are taught to act like ladies but on the flip side there's nothing wrong with teaching young men/boys to respect them self too. Personally, I do not want a Will Chamberlin type for a partner. Sexually transmitted diseases has no gender! The fact is, if a woman OR a man have sex with every person they meet then BOTH have emotional issues... It's NOT ok for men to do it! :)

I put my hand up for No. 7 - anyone else with me? Us girls should make a move sometimes!

I was born and raised in the south and all the guys around me were taught to always pay for a woman for at least the first couple of months of dating! I agree, chivalry still exists ladies!!

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