7 Points to Consider if Your Partner Wants to Get Married and You Don't ...


If your partner wants to get married but you're not so thrilled by the idea, it can create a lot of problems within the relationship. It's a popular misconception that women are desperate to get a ring on their finger, while men are reluctant to tie themselves down. Yet sometimes it's the other way round. So how do you handle the situation if your partner wants to get married and you don't?

1. Don't Let Yourself Be Persuaded

If your partner wants to get married, don't allow yourself to be talked into agreeing if you have doubts about it. When one partner really likes the idea, but the other is less keen, giving in to make them happy won't create a successful relationship. Both partners need to be completely committed to marriage, and it's not for everyone.

Be Honest


Just ended ten years' relationship because one wants marriage and another doesn't. Very sad.
Waste of time an money. In my opinion.
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