7 Emotions You Feel before You Fall in Love ...


7 Emotions You Feel before You Fall in Love ...
7 Emotions You Feel before You Fall in Love ...

Falling in love is something that all of us do in some way or another, and before you fall in love, there are tons of emotions that you are going to go through! You might not understand some of the emotions that you feel before you fall in love, but they are beautiful feelings and you'll learn to know the patterns when you start to fall. So, are you ready to dig down deep and figure out what emotions you are going to experience just before you fall in love for the first time, second time and last time?

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Falling in love is really something that is beautiful, but it can also be something that can be scary when you are going through it for the first time! If you think you are falling in love, but have no idea what emotions you are going through, think about the butterflies. Do you feel them every time you are with your crush? This is absolutely one of the signs you'll feel before you fall in love. Watch out for it!



Ah, when I first realized that I was falling for Lyndsie, I was so awkward! It was something that she understood because she was awkward too. Girls and guys, it's just something that is going to happen and most likely, whomever you are falling in love with, they are going to be a bit awkward too, so it's okay!



Whenever you are falling in love with someone, you are going to feel a little coy, a little sneaky and even a little mischievous at times, and that's okay! It is completely normal for you to want to tease and toy with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or even your crush!) when you are in love!


Rush of Feelings

When you are in love, you'll feel a huge rush of feelings and you'll feel a huge rush of emotions that you might not understand, but you'll know it when you feel them. You'll feel giddy, you'll feel beautiful, you'll feel happy all of the time. It truly is a feeling that everyone should experience at some point!


Crave Being near Them

When you are in love, you absolutely love to be near the person that you are in love with. You crave to be close to them at all times and you actually want to really be near them no matter what. This can make people really clingy, so you've got to watch out for that, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend is in love with you, they should want to be near you too!



Being in love can make you really nervous, it can make you forget about everything else in the world and it can actually make seeing the other person your highest priority. It's something that can cause a build up of nerves inside of you, especially if you haven't expressed that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend. Keep that in mind!


Electricity inside

Finally, the last feeling that you'll go through whenever you are in love is all about the electricity inside of you. You'll feel on top of the world and feel like everything is going your way. It's truly a great, great feeling, boys and girls!

So, even if you've never, ever been in love, your time will come and you'll know exactly what I am talking about. Being in love is a beautiful thing! So, share your love experiences, lovies! I'd love to hear 'em!

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For some reason I never feel butterflies or anything in my gut? I feel it in my chest haha

Cant help but laugh about everything he does.

So true! I get super flustered and extra affectionate when I fall in love,I'm usually a closed off,introverted person,but the moment a guy catches my eye and I become attached,I become a whole new person,more flirty and excitable willing to let him into my quiet,safe space I rarely let anybody into

You feel like a day without him in it is a waste of time

You cant keep yourself from grinning ear to ear.. Its a boost from within and everything else though difficult just seems bearable since HE is around.. Id give anything to keep feeling it :)

Yes! Also you feel like crying sometimes but you don't really understand why

All your worries and stress disappears whenever you're with them and you just are in the moment and don't ever wanna leave

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