15 Things Your Partner Will Never Tell You but You Need to Know ...


15 Things Your Partner Will Never Tell You but You Need to Know ...
15 Things Your Partner Will Never Tell You but You Need to Know ...

I recently talked to some of my male best friends and I found out that there are quite a few things your partner will never tell you, but things you’ll need to know in order to understand him better. Sometimes men actually are less complicated that you give them credit for and that’s why your relationship will get stronger and stronger once you’ll find out what are those things your partner will never tell you.

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Men Are Sensitive Too

Men Are Sensitive Too I know that this must be the most shocking of the things your partner will never tell you, but it’s in fact very true. Underneath that rough and manly exterior, every man has a sensitive side - he just doesn’t like to show it that much. So, be careful next time you say something mean and you wanna hurt him because you might just succeed and your words will leave some pretty ugly scars on the sensitive side of his personality.


He Needs His Space

He Needs His Space Another quite fascinating thing I recently learned about men is that just like you, they feel the need to have their space too. Everyone needs some time to spend with themselves in order to reconnect with their old self, to analyze their thoughts, feelings and actions. You must learn that this doesn’t have anything to do with you, doesn’t mean you have problems or that he finds you extremely boring. Just give him some space and respect his privacy, that’s all.


He Compares Himself with Your Ex

He Compares Himself with Your Ex I know most men say they don’t really care about the other men in your past. Well, that’s actually not that true. It was hard for me to squeeze out this confession but I finally succeeded, and my male friends did recognize that every now and then, they tend to compare themselves with their girlfriends’ exes and they’re wondering if they are better lovers or better boyfriends than the other men in their girlfriends' past.


The whole comparing to the ex saga can be quite the ego game for guys. They may never blurt it out loud, but deep inside, they're itching to know if they've outshined your former flames. Did they sweep you off your feet with more finesse? Are they kindling sparks in your heart that perhaps others couldn't? It's a silent battle they wage, mostly out of insecurity or a need to reaffirm their place in your life. So next time he seems a tad too interested in stories of your past, you know there's more to his curiosity.


Sometimes He’s Not That Sure of Himself

Sometimes He’s Not That Sure of Himself Even if sometimes most men seem very sure of themselves, of their actions and feelings and they say they never regret a thing, that’s not always quite true. In fact, a lot of guys can put together a whole list of personal complaints regarding their physical appearance, their job, their hobbies or even their relationships. Just pay attention to what he’s saying, especially when he’s joking or when he’s not being serious and you’ll find out what are the things that scare him the most.


He Likes to Look at Himself in the Mirror

He Likes to Look at Himself in the Mirror I know most men will deny it and it was quite a surprise for me too, to find out that according to my male friends, most men love to look at themselves in the mirror. Even though they will not admit it, most men want to look good and they love to admire themselves in order to see the results of their hard work. Maybe not as much as you, but still…


I Love You More Now

I Love You More Now When asked, most men do recognize that they love their girlfriends or wives more now than they did when they first met them. Maybe it’s because he got to know you better, and he realized you are more than just a pretty face and fabulous body. I think this is by far my favorite thing most men never tell to their loved ones because it is so, so romantic. Apparently, what I thought about them is not true and men are not that superficial after all.


Role Reversal

I know that your partner will never tell you but, most men admit that once in a while they would like you to take on their role (imposed by the society) and take the initiative when it comes to your relationship. They would like to be taken out on a surprise date you planned for the two of you; they would appreciate if you would buy them a drink or even pamper them. They would like to see some effort on your behalf too because after all, they shouldn’t be the ones who do all the work when it comes to your relationship just because the society says it should be that way.


He's Been Hurt in the past

He's Been Hurt in the past Your man might not talk openly about his past relationships. Even if he was a player in the past, there’s a good chance that there’s been a girl who’s hurt him in the past. If he doesn’t want to commit right away, don’t automatically assume that he doesn’t want you. He might just be protecting his heart.


If You Wanna Be His Lover...

Guys like it when their girlfriend and best buds all get along. It makes everything a whole lot easier. Instead of choosing whether he should hang out with you or them, he can just let everyone tag along. If your man invites you to hang out with his friends, take that as a great sign! He wants you to meet, because he expects you to be in his life for a long time.


He Likes Being Touchy-Feely

He Likes Being Touchy-Feely You’re not the only one who likes to snuggle. He won’t admit it, but he loves when you put your head on his shoulder. Spooning? Chances are he loves that as well. Don’t be afraid to show affection, because he might want it as much as you do.


He'll Look around

He'll Look around Men don’t go blind once they commit to a woman. If you see him admire a gorgeous gal that walks past, don’t make him sleep on the couch for weeks. Looking around doesn’t mean that he’s going to make a move. Of course, if he’s staring so much that he’s making you uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with having a little talk.


He Thinks about Your Future

Don’t be ashamed about mentally planning your wedding. It’s hard to avoid thinking about the future. Your boyfriend might not like talking about your potential plans, but he does daydream about your future. How could he not?


He Has Hobbies

He Has Hobbies Whether his free time is spent playing video games or playing in a band, it helps relax him. He shouldn’t have to forget about all of the hobbies he loves, because he’s fallen in love with you. You should encourage him to continue his hobbies, even if it means a little less time with you.


He Likes What You like

He Likes What You like He’ll pretend that he’s only sitting through your ‘girly’ shows, because he loves you, but he really doesn’t mind them. Guys are embarrassed to admit to their guilty pleasures. He might love your favorite romantic comedy or the flowery shampoo of yours he uses when he stays the night. Of course, you’ll never know, because his lips are sealed.


He Wants to Make You Happy

If he’s committed to you, he really cares about you. He might get you the wrong gift for your birthday or forget your anniversary, but look at the little things he does. He might not know exactly how to please you, but if he’s trying, that’s all that matters.

Sometimes men are put under a lot of pressure by society, and that’s why they often feel the need to hide certain things in order to keep their image as Alpha males intact. Did you know that there are things most men never say to anyone? Do you know any other things most men hide from their partners? Please share your opinion in the comments section!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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This is very very true and thats always my opinion too.. Sometimes it doesnt matter how long you've known a guy , you wont understand him that well anyway..

Most men see sex as a love thing rather than a lust thing

They have insecurity and as much as they don't wanna admit it, you can see every now and then that it will surface once in a while.

Another huge thing is to be more considerate towards them. That's a huge thing I've recently learned and am working towards

Love the article :)

I love this article! Thanks!

& men's fantasy!


I love this article ❤️

True ❤️,

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