7 Possible πŸ€” Reasons He πŸ§” is Becoming More Distant πŸ—Ί ...


Have you noticed recently that your partner is becoming more and more distant with you? At the start of your relationship he used to feel like an open book, but for reasons that you can’t quite put your finger on, he feels more like a stranger to you know that when you first met. Sometimes, these little patches of miscommunication work themselves out over time, but on other occasions, they stay present and can really start to make a detrimental impact on your partnership. To help you figure out some things before approaching him personally, here are seven possible reasons that he is becoming more distant with you.

1. Stress

Could it be that he is going through a lot of stress recently that you might not have noticed? Guys are much better at hiding and suppressing their feelings than girls, so even though he is saying he is fine, he might be becoming distant because he trying to work out his troubles by himself without letting you figure it out.